Merry Christmas!


Hope everyone’s having an ace day! What kinda games do people like to normally play around Christmas, out of interest? :slight_smile:


I play a game called “how much food can I stuff in my fucking face”

It’s a good game.


^found the future drunk uncle.


I’ve played that game for a week fucking solid now. I swear I’m going down with gout next week.


If I have to hear James Stewart’s whining 10-year-old’s voice one more time I’m putting a Sanchez screamer through the fucking tv screen.


Thanks Jakey!


Love that film. watched it 6 times at the Odeon (i think it was the Odeon) Leicester square when it came out.

I play a few board games with the wife and kids on a regular basis Mysty, but at X-mas i like to keep it simple and fun, so mostly it’s games like Fluxx, Uno Extreme, etc :slight_smile:







Merry Christmas OA! :beers::christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas x

Watching a little film before beddy byes. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. @Leper and @Mysty were right. :joy:


Happy Die Hard day everybody!!


Yay not christmas here yet but woot!!


Missed this last year :rofl:


Merry Christmas buds!




Merry Christmas from Italy!


It’s set at Christmas, it’s about a man trying to reunite with his estranged family for Christmas, the heist happens at an office Christmas party, John McClane writes on that terrorists top “Ho ho ho now I have a machine gun”, it prominently features Christmas music, a woman about to give birth to a son is central to the plot and it has a classic happy ending in which the good guy underdog defeats the forces of evil.

GTFO with this it’s not a Christmas movie shite just because it isnt sickly sweet shite like Love Actually!


Oh yeah and Merry Christmas everyone :smile:


How did I guess you’d be the one to jump straight on that

Believe it or not, I think i generally have good taste in films - just not at Christmas :grin: