Merry Christmas!

I always thought for years that Robin_L was a bloke lol


Haha yeah a few people thought that

@Aussiegooner you know when we had that 4 match losing streak in 02/03, Robin went to every game


Pushed off the forum by who? She had a disagreement with someone and chose not to return I wouldn’t say she was “pushed” by anyone.

I have a hard time believing me being critical of Robin_L going to Cheltenham a few day before going into lockdown was the sole reason for her leaving the forum, even if they may have coincided.

In any case, it certainly wasn’t some concerted effort as part of a wider forum agenda haha

Omg I was expecting to come in here and see a bunch of Holiday cheer and it’s just ppl arguing ripppp :sob::sob: well if Phoebs had her feelings hurt you guys should apologize. I’m sure no harm was meant but we all struggle with other things from time to time that might make us more sensitive.

Anyways I was just thinking about how u guys don’t celebrate Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving eve here and I have the rest of the week off. Thanksgiving really gets you into the Christmas mood and jump starts the holiday season. Sorry Europeans, you’ll never know the feeling :grin::grin::+1::+1:


Enjoy the break :slight_smile:


:joy::rofl: I thought you guys were talking about Robin Van Persie. Was mad confused when you lot said everyone thought he was a man :joy: was about to Google and see if van persie was trans now or something


Lmaooooooo I lold at this. U don’t remember Robin L?

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:laughing: I wasn’t paying attention to the thread and didn’t read the posts properly.

Happy thanksgiving though bro

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There’s lyrics in about how Nan’s are always saying the old songs are the best but then they’re up and rock n rolling with the rest, or something along those lines :grin: that part always catches my ear and makes me think of my Nan’s who long passed away.

“This Thursday Americans everywhere will celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, or as turkeys call it, Murder Day.”