Mathieu Flamini


Props to Arsene for digging him out of nowhere


They are the best buddies ever, aren’t they?


You were dying to use the smiley but came short on a quality caption.


deleted because these 2 are twats


They’re selling male grooming products. We’re saved!!!



Can’t say i’m not surprised by Flamini :facepalm:


Really disappointing I really thought it would have been some sort of carry on from Flaminis power system tech or something that will help the environment etc this just has pissed me off.


You should definitely delete those proud smileys. Twats.


Well fuck me that was a massive anti climax.


What does grooming products in plastic containers got to do with saving the world?

Is it to raise funds?


Nope. Packaging is made from sugar cane.

All natural ingredients. I guess they want to make a point about sustainability while raising funds for a good cause.

The world isn’t quite saved, but we’re almost there :grinning: