Mathieu Flamini

The absolute scenes if he joins Milan on a free for the 2nd time just like he did when he left Arsenal the first time :joy::joy:

Palace do need midfield depth so he could do a job for them and he gets to stay in London

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If they get relegated a couple times.


Going from the prospect of watching Jack in your mf to Flamini.

Haw haw.

Palace fans seem pretty happy about the link and want it to happen. So yeah :wink:

Finished footballer.

Sanogo will look like Ibrahimovic to them if they come to get the Mathieu Flamini experience.

Don’t think footballer is the right choice of word here.

Flamini is easily good enough to play for Palace.

You’re overrating their squad (how many years did they get out of Mile Jedinak!?! not better than James MacArthur?!) or underrating Flamini in this instance, can’t decide which.

However, if I were the Flamster, I’d concentrate on becoming the richest ex-footballer in the world and not waste my time with Crystal Palace.

Flamini isn’t easily good enough to play for my football 7 team much less Palace.

Your rep as a judge of player quality took a bit of a dent with the whole Yaya Sanogo disaster, so don’t go overboard hombro :wink:


Lucky cunt. He always gets a contract in the end.

good luck to him wherever he ends up at

I thought a Turkish team already signed him up

Flamster could easily blag a season or 2 somewhere ,he just wasnt quick enough to play holding midfielder or box to box for us . I dont blame him for taking 3 years at 65 k a week from le duffer .

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Flamini and Adebayor were both in talks with a Turkish team but nothing ended up happening

Not surprised both are trash players

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Flamini should buy Arsenal. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mesut must be buzzing his best mate is back playing in London! Lol

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Confirmed today. All the best Flam. Will do well at Palace.

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Good luck to him. Bet he’s already (or at least provisionally, when it hits the market) richer than Crystal Palace in its entirety.

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Mesut’s Birthday wishes have come early this year, with Flam staying in London.

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