Mathieu Flamini


The bromance lives on!


I think he is his butler now so he can stay in touch with him.



Big of him to say that after all the shite that was flung at him on this forum while he was here.


If it wasn’t advertised pre game yesterday I wouldn’t have even realised he was on the pitch.


a) he wasn’t reading this forum
b) Flamini is as shite a midfielder as you will see play at a supposed ‘top-club’, it’s understandably he who is pleased to have racked up as many minutes as he did for one and us who should be aggrieved at one, having a manager that gave him the chance to do so, and two, at having watched him in so many minutes.


a) Obviously
b) Largely agree.


Ah, ok, sorry about that, I understood shite in your post to mean ‘bullshit’.


Always liked him and he always gave 100 pct for us ,he was past it and we shouldnt have given a 3 year contract at 65 k a week,but his goals at the lane in the league cup were one if not the highlight(s) of last season for me !


Agreed. He’s just one of many players who simply shouldn’t have been at the club as long as they were.


Sham Im all for having back up but the money we pissed away on Flamini ,Arteta,and Rosicky in their twighlight years was scandalous and could have funded 2 younger players who wernt permanently injured .


Young players like Yaya Sanogo right? :gunnersaurus:


fuck yea !



I thought he’d retired from football to concentrate on becoming the richest ex-footballer on the planet, but moving to Getafe is pretty much the same thing


Bit of sun, playing some footy, mega business on the side. Flamini is such a boss.


Wow fair play to the Flamster!


Bromance stepping forth to save the world. :sunglasses:


Mesut assisting the planet :slight_smile:


A player Arsene Wenger managed becomes the saviour of the planet