Mathieu Debuchy


if we cant rid, grind him up for dog food…any which way just get rid of the guy!


Oh fuck! We can’t really get rid of him :arteta:. He is stuck with us.


That’s fine and I’d argue that he was more. But he couldn’t cross all that well so I don’t know why we were set up in such a way that he was attempting so many.


I see what your saying


Minus the human trading thing, kinda a good shout :smile:


Sagna was a slightly superior player to Lauren, made the PFA team of the year twice and deserved it in both seasons he made it. Now back on topic, can Debuchy just fuck off already ?


put the buy it now price at £100


It’ll have to be Freecycle.


To be fair Debuchy was first pick for France over Sagna when we signed him. It was a good signing at the time who happened to get injured. Not taking his personal traits and media shambles in to account.


French Football linking him to Marseille…


They’ll probably pay his wages too. Especially if we don’t look for a transfer fee.




We can’t get rid of him, tbh :hipster:. His wage is too high.


Let him go and pay a part of his wages until the contract runs out. He can take Jenks with him too.


Sounds like we’re having real difficulty getting rid of this guy. Just offering him to anyone who makes eye contact with us!


He could become first choice soon, as we are getting rid of everyone :wink:


Didnt he have a return move to France break down? and possible return to Newcastle also. Without knowing the ins and outs, I reckon this guy won’t leave until his contract expires, it’s probably his last big earner and he’ll pocket the full amount and then walk


btw we signed him when Bac left, so this is the 4th year of his deal, please tell me its the final year or was it a 5 year contract ?


surely a smaller club would want to take him, could still do well for them


This one is another one that just needs to fuck off…maybe back to Newcastle?