Mathieu Debuchy


It’s the big wages that rules smaller clubs out from taking a player like Debuchy.


If I was Debuchy I would want to get my career back on track and just massively drop my wages, he would still be rich


I wasn’t sure so had to check…transfermarkt has his contract until 2019 :laughing: Signed a 5 year deal in 2014. Ker-ching Mathieu, he’s quids in!!


I don’t blame him for wanting the cash, why shouldn’t he? But I feel he’s mainly doing it because he feels like we cost him his WC place by not letting him go to United. He was desperate to get out then but he couldn’t be fucked about it now. What team would seriously want someone with the attitude he’s displayed?


I applaud him and despise him for it simultaneously, it’s strange. Of course we could be doing him a disservice and he’s actually desperate to escape Arsenal at any financial cost just to play football. But really I just think he’s an example of a footballer taking the money. Mid-table Ligue 1 and Newcastle probably aren’t attractive propositions for him

Anyone remember Winston Bogarde at Chelsea a few years back? :laughing:


with a name like Winston I doubt Terry would have liked him


Probably not a bad idea to keep him now


hasn’t really played football for ages, he would cost us (even more) big time in games


I trust in him much more than Chambers as RB and probably should try to recover him. His 15 minutes against Cherries have been better than the Bellerin last six months.


Lol. We are literally driving players to the airport now

This club man


If we can’t shift him on and his career as a RB with Arsenal is finished maybe we can try him as a LWB.


Lmao, your tune has completely changed in the last couple of weeks. Almost seems like an entirely different person has taken over your account :smile:


Haha why is that? :slight_smile:


How the hell is Debuchy still an Arsenal player?!

The guy would survive the apocalypse!


I think everyone forgot he existed.

I did, at least.


Lower value and / or longer contract than the 4 we successfully shipped out. I can see why he may have slipped through the net in our still humongous squad. He’ll do well to make the 25, probably will do by virtue of people like Campbell, Perez, Bramall all being loaned out


Just lol!


He’s being paid and gets to play table football, I’d keep a low profile too if I were him.


Yeah his football career is over.

And yet also, it isn’t.



he’s the first player I’m selling on Fifa 18 and then I’m renewing Alexis Sanchez’s contract