Mathieu Debuchy

Just realised there was no thread on the invisible man. What’s the latest with him? Are we stuck with him for another year or is anyone linked to buying him?

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After his interview when he was on loan with Bordeaux, probably ended his chance to remain the squad.

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Is it just me, or does Debuchy look like Oxlade in this gif?

He’s supposedly moving to Hull from what I’ve read.

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If he is intelligent, he will accept to stay with us to be a squad player behind Hector.

Meh, not going to say that I’m not slightly disappointed with how his time at Arsenal turned out, but at this point he’s simply better off moving on, so that someone else can take over his spot. He offers nothing to the squad anymore and shouldn’t be kept around.

Started off well. Got injured. Got replaced. Subpar performances thereafter. That’s all she wrote.

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I think he was quite good before he got injured for the second times against Stoke, but then he has gone backwards.

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The injuries and bad decisions have ruined his career.

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Injuries have ruined him really. Still angry with Arnautovic because he pushed him while he was in the air and going to head the ball away. So will we have Jenkinson as a back-up option to Bellerin then?

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Chambers or Holding I imagine. Both have had experience at right back.

I cant beleive he is training with us . He was a disruptive disloyal piece of shit and I dont want him near the club ever again . If he ever puts on a shirt for us again i will boo him loud and long.


is he in the usa ?

Started last night.

Debuchy is a cancer in the dressing room. Jenkinson is head and shoulders above him in skill as well as class.

I would rather lose than play this scumbag !

If we will buy Mustafi or another CB, it’s useless to keep Chambers if Wenger wants to change him into a proper CB. I would prefer to send him on loan and keep Debuchy.

I promise u if debuchy sets foot on a pitch for Arsenal he will be booed , and deserves to be too. How wenger can take him back is beyond me ?

Hes under contract and no one else wants to sign him by the looks of things. He wont play unless theres no other choice. Not a big deal.