Mathieu Debuchy


In no world was Sagna mediocre. He’s the best RB Wenger signed.


City used him quite a lot actually but the guy is 34 now and they’ve just brung in a much younger right back in Walker


Lauren would have a lot to say about that, and belerin is definately better going forward than sagna was although obviously has a fair way to go before you could say he is better than Sagna was

Don’t get me started on eboue


I don’t know. Lauren?

God damn it Dixon why weren’t you a Wenger signing.


@Kaner @Oliver on what do you guys base Lauren was better than Sagna? Hopefully not only because Lauren happened to be part of those title winning teams?


When I said ‘I don’t know’ I wasn’t being sarcastic. Genuinely not sure what I think.

Also, fuck you.


That is quite important. Lauren was key to the double winning season. He was also reliable in high pressure games. I don’t think there is much between them to be fair.

Though you could argue that Lauren isn’t the best RB Wenger signed as he wasn’t actually signed as one.


What would you be basing sagna being better than Lauren on?


Can you reasonably explain why not being bought as a right back would mean he doesn’t count as one in discussion?

Honestly I can’t see any logic in that. RVP must still be a winger in people’s eyes then?


If Sagna is the best RB we’ve had in the Wenger era that’s a pretty piss poor pool of rbs we are choosing from. Sagna like i said was solid and dependable but overall was pretty meh, when Debuchy took over I didn’t see much drop off from Sagna tbh. Injuries amd the emergence of Bellerin are what finished him off here.


I wasn’t being entirely serious with that comment. It’s just if people want to be picky about the wording - best RB Wenger signed. But he absolutely does count in a discussion about best right backs at Arsenal.

If you look at people’s all time Wenger 11s, you’ll see plenty of people opting for him over Sagna. It’s a tough one, Sagna is more fresh in the memory, but I feel like Lauren offered more.


Classic AKB/A4TT chat. When they’re here they’re the best thing ever, when they go the revisionism takes full effect and they were always mediocre.


Sagna was fucking incredible at his job, which was defending. He wasn’t great at crossing because that wasn’t his fucking job and it was ridiculous he was continually expected to keep swinging them in.


Top teams need their full backs to be more than just defenders come on now


Nah I aint having Sagna put down. The guy was an absolute don of a full back. Was consistantly good for 8 years or whatever. Rarely got injured. Was defensively sound as fuck and had the stamina of a horse to get up and down. Dont really remember him having a stinker that often either. Was one of the first names on the team sheet and rightly so for the best part of a decade.


But dat hair tho :santi:


I am with you on this. While Sagna was here (especially during the Arteta days) we occaisionally went to 3 at the back when in possession, with Arteta dropping back inbetween the CB’s and the full backs pushing forward.

Crossing was absolutely an ideal skillset to possess and Sagna absolutely had room to improve there. Especially when the forward wide men were Walcott, Podolski, Gervinho etc, all trying to get inside as opposed to staying wide.

Marvellous defender though and I still wish he stayed as a CB.


yeah was gutted when he left mostly due to how well he was doing at CB at the time


So, hopefully this guy gets off the wage bill in a snap! frees up some much needed space right now. Nice that we’re getting serious with trying to offload deadwood players to hopefully bring in another signing.

He’s the personification of how bad we’ve truly been from a player/salary perspective. We really need to start knuckling down on these atrocious deals and it starts with Debauchery, hem, I mean Debuchy :kos2:


Can’t we just put him on eBay?