Mathieu Debuchy


[quote=“Phoebica, post:117, topic:325”]just a glass of wine and a pack of peanut M&M’s will do me.
[/quote]Glad to know you’re into your nuts :wenger:


^^^^ Nuts the size of M&Ms suffice for Phoebica :henry2:


Ah, trust you to bring the tone down… :xhaka:



Go on then love, show us where you piss from!!!



Well, this is the Debuchy thread, the overall tone couldn’t sink any lower anyways :campbell:


Lads it’s the fucking Debuchy thread not the Debauchery thread!


we should just leave him in a field somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and take his phone and wallet away


Can we sell him? :hipster:


Debuchy will be first choice RB for France in no time.




So how much are we paying Nice then? :sunglasses:

Arnautovic killed this guy’s career!


finally getting rid of this guy, was a useless replacement for Sagna


[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:132, topic:325, full:true”]
finally getting rid of this guy, was a useless replacement for Sagna
[/quote]I think that’s a little unfair on him really.

When he first joined, he actually had a pretty solid run of games. Then he got injured. Came back, was starting to slowly build some form again, and then that totally uncalled for incident with Arnautovic ruined his time here. Bellerin slotted in as the defacto number 1 right back and Debuchy never got a look in again after that. He just never got much of a proper go at it here.

He probably should’ve been more professional regards to his future and not mentioning other clubs who were after him. Came across as a little petulant from the whole Man Utd linkage.


About time. If it wasn’t for his injuries he could have been good for us though.


The dictionary definition of expendable. Good luck to him back in France!


was good but nowhere near on the level of Sagna, I remember not being that happy at replacing Sagna with him when we first got him


Debuchy deal off.


Sagna was a mediocre RB. Defensively he was solid but going forward he offered next to nothing. I think it’s pretty telling that City signed him, hardly used him, and they are already done with him.


Better not be true…just fuck off already Debuchy and take Walcott with you! :bellerin:


Carnt belive this guys still here thought he would have been first out the door