Mathieu Debuchy


It’s funny that we wouldn’t let him go on loan to United because you can’t do business with rivals and now we can’t even give him away.

He might have had a decent 3 months there and they might have parted with a few million to take him on. Or he might have at least brought in a bit of interest and got himself out the next window. It was absolutely clear that he wasn’t needed anymore here so I really don’t know why we kept him. It’s not like he was going to go to United and be a team of the season kind of player. Really just cutting our noses off for nothing and now we’re paying for it.


It’s strange that we didn’t want to do loan our reserve right back to United but had no issues selling our “first choice” wing back to Liverpool.


Well Clubs are known to buy out the contract. Basically they negotiate a lump sum price to terminate the contract which is beneficial to the player if he can get himself contracted by a new club soon. He would end up with a lumpsum payment plus wages from new club in return of sticking to contract & just getting paid the previous wages.
On other hand, Club saves a bit of money.
West Ham did that with some old striker 2-3 years ago.




Asking me?
If so


No, who’s Mathieu Debunchy?


Btw he’s missing a (2) in his title :wink:


here we go another player wenger is trying to shoehorn into a position because he is too cheap to buy a fucking player. You know the reason he is talking about this now right…No merts next year got rid of Paulista and Mustafi seemingly wanted to go only months ago, but let me guess he has no plans to replace any CBs in the summer or Jan.cunt of a man, fuck off already!


Cringe from le boss, as per usual


Debuchy should never have become so redundant. But considering the time he has been it’s quite hard to believe he’s still here.


Well, to be fair this is part of what having a squad is about. Lets give it a chance.


Yeah Debuchy gets a bad rap(wrap?) anyways, he should get a chance in the side if only it helps us sell him later. It’s kind of unknown to the rest of the world if he can still play so he should get some opportunities if only for that.


I just don’t understand how he went from being totally disregarded for the best part of a year, to now being a viable option at CB.


Wenger gonna Wenger


Well Debuchy did play a few games there for us and was quite good.


With Gabriel being sold, Mertesacker leaving at the end of the season, and possibly Mustafi, as well as Kos being 33, we seriously need to buy least one top quality, experienced CB.

So Wenger has plenty of time to sort that out and there is no excuse.
Oh wait, let’s see if an underwhelming FB who’s only 5’10" can do the job.


Great! We have found Per’s replacement for next season on a cheap :xhaka:


cc @shamrockgooner :wink:


Nice goal as well!


Pretty good hit all things considered!!