Mathieu Debuchy


How this cunt is still an Arsenal player I’ll never know.


Cunt really? He was good for us until some Stoke thug fucked up his arm and derailed his career. Not sure what he did to deserve being called a cunt.


Debuchy is like that guy at work who only comes in once every four weeks but still manages to keep his job.


Every single player and coach is a cunt at Arsenal. Just accept it or someone will argue they actually paid to behave like a savage so it’s therefore justified lol


I wonder what his money Per on field minute ratio is at Arsenal :eyes:


I see he is learning his trade as a LWB on the table football.


“These are not easy times. I wanted to find an exit door, but sadly, it was not possible. There was a possibility with Nice, they came to me but it didn’t happen… The manager would have let me leave this summer for free. Brighton enquired in the final days of the window, but a deal did not come about… I train with the pros during the week and I play with the kids on the weekend. I am not the future of the club… I have proved my worth.”

Debuchy also admitted that converting into a central defender is a “possibility”.


Our new CB? :xhaka:


I can’t understand his situation. He has proved his worth, no doubt about it. He was for a long time a French International.
Why can’t he find a way out in 4 transfer windows?

Surely both Arsenal and player want to separate. What is impeding his transfer?


Obviously his wage


Arsenal were in desperation to reduce wages this summer. I would think Arsenal would have subsidize his wages for duration of his contract.


You would have found an exit door if you dropped your wages.


He could have moved if he wanted to. The guy is making it out like its not his fault. He’s loving the wage and an easy life.


He had 2 options: lower his demands in order to get a move, or change his attitude, stop publicly criticising the club and work hard to compete for a place in the team.

He has chosen to do neither. He is not bothered about getting first team action. He is happy to take the money for effectively doing F all. What’s happened is all on him.


When I play FM and have a good player I want to offload, because I bought a very good player instead, it’s sometimes impossible to find a buyer. Especially for players that would be awesome for a lesser team and isn’t on high wages. No interest! This is one of many flaws that’s annoying in FM, but now i think of Debuchy and I realise there is actually some reality to it.


Logic dictates these transfers could happen if the player and selling club both play ball. No sympathy for Debuchy whatsoever, good player on his day but he’s had several windows to sort his future out now and he’s still here. Good on him for taking the money if that’s what he wants but then he has no defence against the ‘limpet’ jibes really


Clubs might also be thinking that he might be past it as he hasn’t played in so long. I mean Debuchy when he first came here was a good player. If he doubled down he could be a squad player today. But he constantly moans despite being allowed to leave for free. It stinks of a bad attitude.


He hasn’t played in like 2 and a half years right? Since arnautovic fucked him


A company can fire an employee if they see he doesn’t work well. We should do the same with Debuchy.


Yes this is exactly how contracts work.