Mathieu Debuchy


Not surely the worst player in the squad. Would start considering him for the league as well.


Not gonna happen but he should start at West Ham. Bellerin has been awful lately.


Honestly wouldn’t mind him starting more games, looks sharp and reliable.


Another very good game. Wouldn’t mind him instead of Bellerin atm.


That would be some comeback given his abysmal status at the club these last few years. He’s obviously done a lot right recently and probably in a better head space at the moment compared to Bellerin.


This is what frustrated me about Debuchy.
He is capable of pushing Bellerin for the starting spot but he gave up. He gave up too soon and we ended up with a deadwood.


Not surprised at all considering he was looking great before his injury because some stoke thug.


"I want to leave, to find a new challenge in the month of January. Being good will offer me opportunities. […] The Ligue 1? Why not. We will see the transfer window if there has good opportunities, I’m open,


Well bye then. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out :grinning:


He has shown to be more reliable than Bellerin atm, tbh.


Because he perfoms in Europa League and League Cup lol?


No way he starts ahead of anyone for me


Shame it never worked out for him because he was a beast of a FB when he signed, should have been moved on ages ago though.


Performing at any sort of level at the moment makes you more reliable than Bellerin at the moment, who has been absolute trash for 12 months.


Is he suggesting he currently has a challenge or just that he’d like a challenge… we’ll be lucky to get a million quid for him at this stage. He would have been fucked out of any other club the window after his sulk.


Debuchy has found his level and he doesn’t even wanna be here, Bellerin has been ok this season


Sky was reporting a rumour that St Etienne was interested in Debuchy…please let them be interested…I can’t wait until we are rid of this guy.


Waste of space yet was suggested to start a month ago, nowhere near Bellerin