Match Day Info and Tickets


Yep. If you post on TX, the buyer pays the normal price for the specific Cat A/B/C match + the box office transaction fee. You then get 90% of the ticket price paid for that Cat match credited to your account. Any credit remain in your account to be applied to your ST next year.


Just purchased tickets for the first game of the season, vs Man City…Cannot wait, reckon it will be an exciting season one way or the other…


I still haven’t received my season ticket. So annoyed. Was looking forward to opening my new Gold membership pack. Rang Arsenal earlier and was told to ring back on Friday, if it doesn’t arrive. Then they’ll arrange to have one ready for collection on game day. Does that mean I miss out on the pack? Or will there be a pack to collect or a new one sent?

I’m worried that my neighbours nicked it or binned it, or some randomer nicked it. So many people coming an going downstairs, don’t have a clue who actually lives there. We were gone for the week and returned to no post. Very odd as there is always at least some junk mail. Never had issues at previous flats, but looks like we’ll be paying to hold our post for even just a week away now. Plus the crazies downstairs don’t always completely shut the main door.


I’d get onto them to cancel that card and issue you with a new # if it were me. No reason why you shouldn’t have it by now


I rang back today and they are issuing a paper ticket for collection on match day. They’ll send out another card. I assume the first one will be cancelled. I had my red membership card replaced before as I lost it. They should do the same with this.


I have a ticket in north bank upper for the Europa League match against FC Vorskla Poltava on Thu 20 September @ 20:00. I’d prefer to do a ticket transfer, but if you don’t have a membership, can collect in South London. Let me know if you’re interested. Unfortunately, I can’t attend midweek matches.

FV £20.50


Hi I was wondering if anyone has any tickets for the match on Wednesday 26th that they are selling.

Let me know




League cup games tend to go to general sale, especially at this stage of the comp. They aren’t included in the season ticket (only at club level), so no one would have them unless they opted to buy them as ST holders get the option of buying their seat first. Even if they don’t make it to general sale, they should go to friends and family, so members will be able to purchase more than one ticket. These tickets are paper tickets, so they are easier to pass on. Otherwise, you have to collect and use someone’s membership card.


I desperately need advice about membership and online ticket sale.

I have an opportunity to visit London on the end of September, and I’m planning to watch a home match or two. However, from what I’ve read about red membership and online ticket sale, I feel like I’m gambling myself to join the red membership without knowing if there’s any available ticket left.

Can anyone please shed some light to my doubt


It’s probably too late now to be thinking of membership for matches at the end of September. Red ticket sales start a month out from the match usually so for example the Watford game on the 29th is sold out. Members can still pick up a ticket on the ticket exchange but there may even be limitations built in on new members to use that facility (I don’t know).


Any local supporters’ club that can help you out?

The easiest tickets to get at the end of this month will be the League cup. They are on sale to friends and family, so members can now buy more than 1 and they will be paper tickets. Of course, it’s a lower side, the lowest cup and midweek, so the atmosphere isn’t the same.

Everton and Watford will be harder to come by.


Bought a ticket for Fulham away, excitables :sunglasses::raised_hands:


I’m in Holland then, so I it’s a no go for me. Have fun!


Truthfully, I was thinking about the everton and watford match. Any suggestion?

Any chance for on site ticket sale?

My local supporters club still out of reach, even though, what should I ask them?


You could take your chances, buy a red membership and see if you could get one on ticket exchange. You might, you might not and if you did you’d never have the membership card on time so you’d have to pay the tenner for a paper ticket too.

There isn’t a lot of ticket activity on here as we have only a few regular match goers.

My suggestion is to ring the ticket office at this point. They’d be quite used to dealing with you scenario I’d imagine.


Because I’m an idiot who doesn’t really know how to work the ticket website and it being the second time I’ve ever been on it :joy: I bought a new membership on my card as I didn’t see the renew your membership notification for the one from last season.

I know you meant to renew the membership currently on the card but is there any difference putting a brand new one on it? I won’t make that mistake next season! :grimacing:


You’ve lost your place in regards to becoming a silver member but otherwise no difference.


Don’t think I’d ever become a silver member anyway haha. Cheers Sham!




Hi !

Just moved to london and keen to go to as many home games as I can and I’m not a member so quick common question , if I buy a red membership does it last just til the end of the season or forever?

Many thanks!