Match Day Info and Tickets


This thread is for people looking for tickets and info on upcoming matches, please keep to this thread if you are looking for info on away grounds and or ticket information.



Evening all.

I’ve got two Arsenal legends tickets up for grabs. I was going but due to some other shit going on I’ve had to cancel my plans.

I’m extremely gutted as I was looking forward to seeing Henry and Bergkamp pull on the Arsenal shirt again :frowning:

Anyway if anybody wants them (free of charge) just let me know and I can post them off .


I’m set to organize my first trip to London and Emirates Stadium. With one of my friend, we’re watching to fly to London in December or January.

I’m not worried about the tickets, but about the games who will be postponed because of TV problems. Would be fantastic to see Arsenal v WBA (boxing day) or Arsenal v Burnley (21th Jan) or Arsenal v Watford (31th Jan).

When we will see the date of this games?

Would be better to book the tickets and hotel as soon as possible, paying less fee than the normal.


The tv games up until the end of November where announced on the 12th of August. So probably in a month or so December’s will be announced


Hola, soy un seguidor español del Arsenal. El día 10 de Diciembre viajamos 3 amigos a Londres y nos gustaría asistir al partido contra el Stoke City. Por favor explíquenos como conseguir entradas.
Gracias, un saludo desde España.

Hello , I am a Spanish supporter of Arsenal. On December 10th we traveled three friends to London and we like to attend the match against Stoke City. Please explain how to get tickets .
Thanks , a greeting from Spain .


Hola! This thread might be helpful:

Good luck and have fun!


For anyone heading to Paris - whether they have a ticket or not - for the PSG game, there’s some good stuff here:


Hi guys - looking for a couple of tickets for any game in the near future if anyone is not looking to use them. Prepared to pay a bit on top of face value but not much as im not loaded!!!

If you are not using them and would like to help out please drop me a PM or reply here.

Many Thanks



I can sell you a ticket…and sometimes ticket(s)…for certain games, but don’t pay over the odds or allow a so-called fellow Gooner to rip you off man, that’s poor form from them and shouldn’t be encouraged!

I always sell at face value, except one occasion for a European away game where I had booked up flights and accommodation etc. well in advance and was so unbelievably pissed off at the set of circumstances that led me to miss the game, that I asked the eventual buyer for a few quid on top of the ticket price to make me feel slightly better.


Thanks for that Robin - do you or anyone else have any spare for tonights game? Would need 2 tickets?



My boy and I are coming from Australia and want to go to the game v Burnley on Sunday 22nd January.
Please get in touch if you can get me tickets or sell me tickets if you are unable to make the game.
We are Gunners fans.


Hey guys, My friend and I are coming to London on December 28th and we’re trying to attend the Arsenal v crystal palace game on January 1st. This is my first time ever attending an arsenal game and unfortunately, I did not know that we needed a Red membership a couple months prior to the game until a few weeks ago and it was too late. Please contact me if you have tickets or know someone that has tickets for the Arsenal Vs crystal palace game and they are willing to sell them. I would greatly appreciate it and thank you so much.

I really missed this man yesterday :santi2:


Hey Robin, you’re a great man for doing this. If you are willing to sell your ticket for the Arsenal Vs crystal palace game on January 2nd please let me know I would really appreciate it so much. If not I was wondering since you have more experience with tickets I would really appreciate it if you could help point me towards the best and cheapest possible way to get decent tickets. Thank you so much.


I’ve been called many things, but a great man is not one of them :sunglasses:

I think the guy who uses my ST will probably be going to this one. If I’d known earlier I might’ve been able to get you a ticket on another membership. If you don’t have a Red memberships yourself, then you’re going to either need to either physically borrow the card of a Red member who’s bought a ticket, borrow the card of one who hasn’t and use the Ticket Exchange service, source one of the smallish number of paper tickets on the internet that get distributed to affiliated companies, sponsors, competition winners etc, or finally park yourself outside Arsenal tube station at around 90 minutes before kick off on matchday and try your luck with a tout.


Dear all, if you have or know someone have spare tickets for the game on 22 Jan 2017 vs Burnley please kindly get in touch with me. I’m in need for 2 to 4 tickets and they don’t need to be adjacent seats. Many thanks in advance!


Any Arsenal fans looking for a good, friendly place to have a drink before the match on 7th January look no further than The Fulwood Con Club , Blackpool Road, PR1 6AD. 10/15 mins walk to the ground, close to motorway junction, good sized car park (small charge) good selection of beers


Hi everybody.
I am a Gooner from South Africa.
I made the trip to The Emirates and watched the West Brom game and I am also watching the Crystal Palace game.
I recently realised that I will still be in England when we have the Bournemouth game on the third. The main thing I need to know is: what is the best way to try to find a ticket for that game? The best would be to sit with the away fans, but if that’s not possible, then a normal seat is also okay.
And secondly, what’s the best way to get to Bournemouth from London (Watford to be exact)?


Now that’s what I call being proactive :sunglasses:

You’re talking about Bournemouth away, a match where our allocation is 1100 tickets and over 1000 of those are already taken up by Away Scheme members. Pretty sure Bournemouth would’ve easily sold out for our visit too. Unfortunately you’ve not picked the ideal game there at all.


Thanks for the info. What do you think about me going to the stadium and looking for a ticket just before the game… Or is that asking for trouble?


I wouldn’t recommend it, but then again I don’t have any details on how Bournemouth manage their ticket sales. You’d have to assume the game is a sell out by now though. You can try some online ticket resellers at a slightly inflated price (home end), or you can head to Bournemouth’s ground and take a chance with a paper ticket tout. Maybe they operate a membership card system, maybe they don’t? Personally I wouldn’t waste your time, as it’s a long way to travel for really low odds of success.

If you were still in England for the Preston NE cup game, your chances would be a fair bit higher I suspect.