Match Day Info and Tickets


Whilst your chances are extremely slim, like Robin said, the best chance is on twitter. There are a couple of arsenal ticket accounts that are moderated, so they are generally safe and all tickets at FV, but there are the occasional scumbags that try a scam. Your best bet is to find someone who will meet face-to-face. I’ve done that before. I’ve chanced it twice with paypal and delivery and got scammed one of those two times. Unfortunately, I was one of the first with that seller. Always a risk when not face-to-face.

In case you want to have a look, here are the twitter accounts (I’ve used the 1st 2):
@arsenal_tickets (best one imo)


Were you scammed by someone off Online Gooner? :unamused: Sorry to hear that, but congrats on your news :slight_smile:


Thanks. No, it wasn’t on OG, it was through the main twitter arsenal ticket account I used. I didn’t lose out on too much, if they would’ve been expensive, I wouldn’t have even tried. Damn, I completely forgot about that forum, but their ticket services can’t be used until you have made a certain number of posts.


If anyone wants or needs a spare for Preston in the cup this saturday, let me know by tomorrow morning and i’ll hook you up.

Can’t remember what the price was, £20-something quid only, but i’ll discount it further for you anyway.


Sup guys. It’s been a while since I’ve logged in here. I will be unexpectedly at the Burnley game and wanted to ask some logistical questions since this will be my first ever Arsenal game. I guess I wanted to know how long before the game should I arrive?
Is there an OA pub that you all meet prior to the games for a few pints? Do they allow buying things at the Armory and carrying it into the Stadium or should I make my purchases after the game?
I’m excited AF at this point and really looking forward to this!


I’m planning on coming down from up north to take in a few football matches in London on 11th Feb. It’s viable, logistically for me to attend your game V Hull at 12:30 and then get to The London Stadium for 3 for West Ham’s game. If I buy an under 16s membership as I’m 15, how do you rate my chances of getting 3 tickets for my mates and I? Pretty pessimistic but if there’s a chance that I can tickets and I don’t have to pay silly money for it, then info’s appreciated. Cheers.


Anyone bought tickets with PL Tickets via twitter? @premier_tix. Would like to know if ok to do so!


Never heard of them. The account doesn’t even seem to exist.

Seems dodgy!


they’ve changed their handle and name to ticket hub.

Yes something dodgy. tk u


@karsenal I’ve moved your posts into this thread as you’ll find far more information you need for your ticket hunt.

If you’re looking via Twitter, check out @k1tsun3 suggestions from an earlier post in this thread for other accounts to look at.


thank you. they are assuring me they’re not scammers but dont have many twitter followers. not sure what to do… selling home Bayern tix for £120! hmmmm


bayern home tics will go for much more than that my guess is 300 each . i will be using mine so no joy from me .if tics seem cheap its normally a scam .


you can ask on here.


tk u


Looking for x2 or x3 season tickets for 2017/18 either north bank or clock end.


Finally, a proper trolling effort.

Hopefully this signals a return to the days of Topo on the OA.


Even if Arsene stays? Then again youll be able to sell to the Tourists… Tidy profit.


I’m looking for x3 of these and x2 of her although I will settle for x1 but x2 would be so much better really.

I’m willing to barter x1 of him for both but for the sake of this deal’s integrity I have to admit that his expiry is already due.


im sure i see some on there… Good luck