Match Day Info and Tickets


Don’t mind me, I’m just being a bit of a dick.


That makes a change :wink:


An adult ticket for our away game at Southampton is £16, may not matter to many on here but deserves a name check I think. Cheapest I’ve EVER seen a league game in the ‘Emirates Stadium’ era at least. Not sure what’s up with their pricing but definitely not a typo. So basically after booking fees, still <£20. Respec’ to the Saints.

By way of explanation, the Premier League has enforced a price cap of maximum £30 set for an adult away ticket this season. This puts an end to the days of paying upwards of £60 at grounds like QPR (yes QPR) and Chelsea, as well as retributional tit for tat ‘Oh you charged us this, we’ll charge you that’ situations.

The Stoke away game is back to the more (now hopefully) standard £26, I just wanted to credit Southampton.


Is it true that we could still get paper tickets for every home game, by paying like 10pounds or something?..and still no problems getting pass the security gate? despite the fact that we have those red cards now…

It’s just that I’m staying in London for a year, would be so memorable to keep every single paper tickets for the next season…

Much appreciate if any gooners can help me out here!


I believe they offer a paper ticket in certain circumstances alright but I think its more of a lost card type scenario than as a souvenir.


I have a couple of Gold Season Tickets. For various reasons I’m not able to go regularly anymore, so I would like to see if I could swap them for a couple of Silver Tickets.
I’ve tried the AFC ticket office, but they were no help.
Anyone any ideas?
Anyone like to do the swap for the season - all at face value. They are great ticket


Hi Steve, welcome to the site. I’ve moved your post into the main ticket thread.

I don’t have any concrete info on your query I’m afraid but my gut tells me if you give up a ST its to the back of the que you go .


You want to SWAP two gold memberships for two silver memberships ?

It’s been a long week but maybe I’m just reading that wrongly :laughing:


Try the she wore page on facebook
Or see if someone will go halves on the ST loads of people do that…


Hmmm…maybe a bit badly worded…but ultimately yep…that’s what \i would like to do. Someone would take (and pay for) my season tickets, and I would take (and pay) for the Silver.

I’d prefer not to give up my Gold and go back to the end of the line for silver


Hi. Anyone interested in Renting a single Season Ticket for next year. Face value. Great seats. Thanks. Steve


Good value to be had with Europa Group stage games next season.


Holy cow, the Europa League gets its own price category! Altho I was expecting this ever since the ST cut.

£15.50 lower tier tho, that’s only slightly more expensive than the match day programme :hushed:


That’s some very good pricing. Still don’t think it’ll be enough to keep seats from being empty on Thursday nights. Saying that if we get a decent team in our group I’ll be very interested in taking up a ticket for them prices.

Wonder how much the increase will be if we make it to the knockout.


Hey fellow gooners, i am currently living in ireland and i plan on coming over for as many home games as possible. for most of the games i will fly over in the morning and leave for ireland again in the evening.

i was wondering can i still get into the emirates with a small bagpack with just a coat, laptop, etc. ? only asking this because i will have no hotel to leave my bag in.

i would greatly appreciate some info !


Welcome along!

Heres the latest info from the club…

but i wouldn’t be suprised if that changes next season.

I’ve moved your post to the appropiate tread.:+1:


ok thanks mate! what is the earliest you can go into the stadium before ko? yeah with all of the horrible events been happening lately. i hope not though maybe if people arrive later than advised they shouldnt be allowed bring the bag in


Two hours before kick off i think. I’ve been doing day trips from Dublin for years,it’s a nice inexpensive way to see The Arsenal! :slight_smile:


ah cool so would you bring a bag with you when you head over for the day? only been to one game before but going to the emirates cup next month and gonna try get as many home games in this season as possible