Match Day Info and Tickets


Matchday sort of but soon not to be. I’ve signed up anyway. Hope they meet their target.


Have 2 tickets available for the Burnley game on May 5 (last PL game of season) if anyone interested?


I am a season ticket holder and would love to be able to take my two teenage sons. Please let me know if the tickets are still available.



Hiya - really sorry but as the game has moved to the Sunday, I am now able to go.

Will post on here again if that changes!


Is it possible to renew my red membership yet? :slight_smile:


Yep. I got a mail about it. Yours must be going to the spam folder :slight_smile:


I got it as well. That’s the reason why i was asking :xhaka: :wink:


I’m finally a ST holder- North Bank upper. It’s early, I know, but I’ll be posting ticket availability on here next season. With a 1 year old, I won’t be able to make the midweek games.


Congrats! No wonder you haven’t been about much. :grinning:


Congratulations! and nice season to debut as a Gold member :sunglasses:


Thanks. Yep- he’s kept me busy. Didn’t get to a single match this season. Looking forward to finally going again.


Thanks. Just wish i could’ve gotten a lower tier ticket. Will be trying to make that move with every renewal.


It’s never easy to move, even in these last couple of years when the turnover has been relatively vast, they always prioritise digging into the waiting list first and then permitting seat swaps only as late as they can get away with it


The guy I spoke with said that renewals get first dibs on swapping and then it goes down the list for the newbies. I know a couple who swapped this year. Anyway, we’ll see.


Just renewed my red membership! :slight_smile:


Any ST holders on here know how long the waiting list for the away scheme is? I’ve had my name added to it, but they wouldn’t give me an estimated number of season before I might get the call.


So here’s the deal. I am going to be in London for the opening weekend of the premier league season and desperately wanted to attend a game. It happens to be the game vs. City

In my desperation, not thinking much, I spunked a huge amount and bought tickets at an inflated price and secured good seats.
Before doing this, I had also applied through the official supporters club here in Mumbai, but there wasn’t much hope as this is going to be a Cat A game and also to successfully get a ticket one had to apply a couple of months in advance, a criteria that I didn’t meet.

To my surprise the club allotted 2 tickets yesterday, but I have to pay a service fee to the local supporters club here for facilitating it.

So cutting the story short, I have 2 spares for the opening game vs. City. 2 lower stand North Bank and 2 in the clock end. (Both sets are adjoining seats).

If anyone wants to take a set off me, I’d be happy to hand them over to you on match day. Can’t sell them on face value as I’ve paid money over the face value to secure them. I will however sell them for the same amount of money I’ve paid for them.

If you’re interested PM me and I’ll send over more details.



I have been offered 2 season tickets sat together and want to buy both as I can sell through ticket exchange but I cant seem to find out how much I will get from each game through the exchange.

Does someone have the answer?


Q. How much will I be charged for the Service?
A. If a seller posts their ticket on Ticket Exchange to be sold through the Club a nominal fee of approximately 10% will be applied. If the seller sells their ticket directly to a Member of their choice via Ticket Exchange a 4% charge will apply.

Assuming this hasn’t changed.


So the ticket prices are the charged at the same price to the buyer then depending on Cat A, B, C?