Match Day Info and Tickets


AC Milan goes on sale to 5+ :smile:

Ok we have 4000 tickets to shift and will lose the match out there, but, 5+ :smile: Funny but ultimately meaningless as hordes of Red members will snap those up and we’ll take the full 4K to the San Siro


What does that mean. Might be interested I. Going to this. How do it get a hookup?

What kind of prices will they be? I’m not a red member though, so might be looking for people selling tickets or something.


Just bought a ticket to my first ever Arsenal game :sunglasses: Going to the Stoke game in April


why…why do you these things to yourself!




I’m in London for the weekend not going sorely for the match :joy:


A potentially apt autocorrect there.


I can’t see it? :joy:


sorely/solely :slight_smile:


Calum keen to get a match in before Big Weng finally rides off into the sunset :sunglasses:


Stoke at home will be one of the last chances for honest, hardworking Arsenal fans to boo Arsene Wenger.


The year is 2060, grandpa Calum bouncing a wee bairn on his knee

“Grandpa grandpa is it true you saw the great Arsene Wenger teams that won all those leagues and cups? Wish I could’ve been there, what was it like?”

“Well I did see one game, we played against Stoke…”


Myself and 2 friends are planning our first Arsenal game on the 15th March against AC. Travelling down from Scottish highlands so was hoping to sort tickets before we leave. Can anyone help me out in anyway? Tickets would not need to be beside each other. Thanks in advance!



Hi from Chicago! I’m surprising my boyfriend with a trip to London for his birthday. He is a huge Arsenal fan, but I know nothing about matches & tickets! What is the best way for me to purchase 2 tickets to April 21 match v. West Ham? I looked into the membership, but it sounds like I missed that window. I have seen tickets listed on Stubhub, but not sure if this is a reliable way to purchase tickets. Thanks for any help!


I have tickets for the Arsenal v Watford game tomorrow but my tickets say today’s date i.e. They were issued and given to me as a gift before the date changed- are they valid for tomorrow’s game as I have a rather long journey ahead? Thank you


Yes, they’re valid. There are probably some terms and conditions on the back that will say fixture date subject to change etc…


Sounds strange to me, can you post a picture?


So I’ve bought another two tickets for the Stoke game today for other people do I use the season card and they send out paper tickets for the other two?

Edit: Never mind just read the email they sent with the attached tickets you print off hah


Dear all, if you have or know someone have spare tickets for the game on 8 April 2018 vs Southampton please kindly get in touch with me. I’m in need for 2 ticket. Thanks in advance!