Match Day Info and Tickets

Got 4 tickets for the Brighton game through without too much hassle this morning.

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When are the next set of tickets released?

I’m at a conference abroad for work so didn’t have time to get on to buy some tickets today.

I just want to go to at least one home game this season, just one.

Looks like the Chelsea game goes on sale to reds tomorrow morning.

Amazing thanks - do you know what time it normally goes on sale? Doesn’t say on the website

It does if you scroll over on the first box. :slight_smile:


I’ve heard it’s a good idea to log in around 8 :smiley:

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Ahh I’m on my mobile so didn’t realise you could scroll - cheers!!

I’m actually happy to skip the Chelsea game and maybe try for one of the other bottom half teams as I’m supposed to be going away the weekend of the 29th with my gf lol

Also how has Brighton tickets sold out already if Chelsea tickets are only going on sale tomorrow??

God damn I hate the way footbakl sells tickets, just such an awful and convoluted system

They’re sold out for silvers. Not on sale for reds yet. :slight_smile:

Ahh I see, I imagine the Russian and Chinese bots will buy up all the red tickets in less than a second anyway although my mate did manage to snag a ticket for the game against Sporting last Friday haha

I’m currently no. 29 in the queue to speak to fan services as it’s saying my log in password is incorrect and the website isn’t sending my reset email through :joy:

What a shit show - wish the council would have let us have a capacity of 80k at the emirates like originally planned


I waited in the phone queue for 45 minutes, but managed to get 2 in the family section for Brighton. Had to ring as I only have a red membership. It’s the only way to get tickets in the junior gunner/silver window. My son doesn’t know yet. It’s his birthday weekend and he’s begging to go. So it’ll be a nice surprise.

I’m going to try and get a message in the programme and over the tannoy. Depending the time of the match, might book a match day tour.


Spectacular work :blush:

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Brighton is the one I’m going to try for as a red member.

I know I’ve got zero chance but I’m gonna go all in and try regardless because I just feel like I have to do my damndest to go to a game this season. Maybe I get lucky, I’m taking the morning off work to just sit on the website and I’ve basically told myself I’ll pay whatever it takes.


Not too unhappy as I’ve already been super lucky with tickets for United and Brighton but the system does need an overhaul.

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I tried logging on an hour before Brighton tickets went on sale yesterday and was stuck in a queue until well past 10am and all the tickets sold out at 10:06 haha

I’ve given up trying to go this season and have come to terms with the fact I won’t be able to.

Will just watch most of the last 10 games up in Highbury & Islington and get the atmosphere and vibe through that.


Crazy stuff…

A lot of bands/singers have started doing raffles and person whose name is on ticket/s has to be present when entering venue. Means touts can’t sell tickets for a profit.

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If your name is like John Smith you still have a decent reseller market.

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The whole thing is embarrassing. People are genuinely paying for their entire season ticket off the back of two or three games this season.


Yeah where were those fucking cunts last season when we weren’t about to win the league.

They only come crawling out of the woodwork when we finally start performing.