Mason Mount

Think Chelsea will regret this. Not losing him to United, but losing him to anyone.

The Chelsea academy had a really good reputation. And in recent years Mason Mount was the poster boy, the blue print if you like. Guess you could use Saka as an example for us if you want to compare. But the way it’s ending for Mount at Chelsea is not a good look for them at all.

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I really thought his versatility could of been used here.
Oh well. Early doors yet.

Suppose they still need to agree a fee. Frustrating Chelsea are selling so quickly.

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So is Todd Boehly’s plan to sell everyone he didn’t buy to double down on his disastrous spending?

Destructive plan, please proceed.


Tbf, Poch was apparently keen for Mount to stay but Mount’s relationship with the current board is beyond repair. Sounds oddly familiar with Rice.

Think he would’ve been the ideal player to replace Xhaka as a more advanced midfielder. He’s well balanced and I feel in a healthier environment and under a manager that knew how to use him he would do well.

We have to be a bit realistic. Rice is the priority, we’ve gotta get that over the line, if Mount is still available by then, good. I don’t think he will be, and if he is, I presume this Man Utd transfer will be really far down the line for us to jump in.

I just hope Chelsea and Mount rinse Man Utd in the process.

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Think we have dodged a bullet here
Dont like him, dont like his attitude either

Mikel and Edu look at players personalities and characters when signing and I cant see Mount would have been anywhere near their radar on those factors.

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Thanks United :raised_hands:

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Losing another primary target though.

Edu looking bad again.

In what way on attitude out of interest?

He seems very petulant to me
Has a problem with every tackle, moaning at the ref all the time.
Very Grealish/Xhaka typo

Im not a fan

But Arteta loved Xhaka so how would that discount Mount based on your criteria?

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I dunno man, I feel like Rice or Caicedo are more likely the primary targets. If we do want Mount, it feels like it’s secondary to bringing in one of those two.

I’m not judging Edu on this one at all, not based on the limited info we have.


I need your proof for that statement


I don’t think we can judge Edu really until the end of the transfer window, after it has slammed shut. Obviously would be massive if we got a deal for Rice done early, but there is a lot to do over the summer.

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We will all make judgements at the end of the window, but in reality, even at that stage it’s a bit premature when none of us have seen how it all translates in terms of the team performance. I wasn’t very enamoured with signing Ramsdale or White, particularly due to the transfer fees, and I was resoundingly wrong on both counts.

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It would be on of the things that would help to discount him for me

I cant talk on behalf of Mikel

Wouldn’t call him a primary target. Rice is the only primary target.
The rest of our business appears very much dependent on sales, how our pursuit went with the DM/CM, and what will be available.

I think RB/CB will also take priority before we move for a more advanced midfielder.


I think Caicedo is a primary target too, we was after him in Jan and offered money for him

I think he has been on the radar since that bid

Well, we got Jorginho instead, didn’t we?

I don’t see the same urgency for Caicedo now as with Rice.

Brighton’s season is over and there has been zero news on that front for any team. Anything to do with Caicedo now is based off of our pursuit in January.

Meanwhile, we’re patiently waiting for West Ham’s season to wrap up so we can start negotiating for Rice.

Ahh ok, so you think Jorginho replaced Caicedo for us?