Mason Mount

Must be offering a huge contract. He’s an upgrade on Erikson/Sabitzer too


Definitely a better player but I struggle to see how he fits into that midfield alongside Casemiro (great player but not a deep lying playmaker or a press resistant ball carrier) and Bruno (practically a second striker and very insecure with the ball). IMO, they need a technically secure 8 who is comfortable dropping deep, getting on the ball, and helping them control games and dictate play. That’s not Mount’s game at all. He seems mainly like a backup to Bruno and maybe another option out wide.


True, but think he must be fitting well with the contract they’re offering.

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Personally still think it’s 50-55 even if 3 years to run, hard working player that is high energy, can contribute with goals and assists at times. But for me isn’t top tier an an attacking mid, definitely a level or two below.

He doesn’t really, playing deep isn’t his forte.

Not overly fussed to see him go there if he does move

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Making the wrong move imo. Man Utd are too passive. It’s the same shite as Chelsea. Might as well have stayed there.

Liverpool and Arsenal are significantly better moved for him.
Anyway, as someone said, they must be offering him mad wages, in which case I think this is a bullet dodged.


They’re the only one daft enough to give him north of £200k

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Chelsea are a shit show though

You can only move to a team that is willing to deal, Liverpool don’t see him as a priority seemingly opting for Mac Allister and for all the talk of our interest that may be tepid also

United at the least have a good coach, potentially will change ownership and have CL foothall. With that said I don’t really see it as a very good fit or someone they really need.

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From the reports he was also a priority for Liverpool and they were frontrunners.
To me this sounds like Man Utd just went into panic mode seeing Liverpool and Arsenal trying take all the midfielders available and gave into Chelsea’s and Mount’s demands.

It’s the common silliness that has defined them the past years. Always overpaying in fees and handing out ridiculous contracts. Saw a stat somewhere that they’ve got 10 players in the Top 20 biggest earners in the league. They’re about to make that 11.

10 of the top 20 earners in the league ? Yet no one can financially compete with city ? :scream_cat:

Suppose that all depends on how much city paying their players off the books, if there’s any truth in that of course


found it, was it this one?


Tbf, one of the allegations for City was that players and the coach were getting extra payments outside their wages.


Yes, it was indeed Top 30, not Top 20.

Yep it’s obvious as shit that they keep their wage bill in check by using other means of paying players.

Nobody believes Haaland is on £375k a week lol


Every couple of days i might believe

N’Golo Kante is a fine footballer and by all accounts a pretty decent guy. 290k a week though?! :exploding_head:

If he has a goal bonus addon in his contract, he probably doubles that :slight_smile:

We’ll see how it pans out I suppose, see if the accusations stick or it’s thrown out / slap on the wrists.

Anyways probably shouldn’t derail this thread from the high energy Mason Mount.

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They surely let him go this summer as no way he justifies that kind of wage anymore.