Martin Ødegaard (c) (8)

It’s not about throwing them under the bus, it’s about recognising that neither is playing to their level. I’m confident you won’t see any posts wishing that the club place both on the transfer list before the end of the window.

I wish the club would transfer list both Ode and Saka, ideally prior to the end of the current window.


Can see that the heat is getting to some!

If anything it feels good to win games and score a bunch even when Ödegård and Saka are having a quiet game, who used to be the two players we depended on to make things happen. Seems like 2xGabriels can win a game without them (I mean ish) which is really good to know.

edit: ye Cristo and Trion already wrote this lol


Nobody threw anybody under the bus, it was just observation and concern.
If visiting Palace was a tough and physical game, then against Leicester at home yesterday was supposed an easier one with lots of rooms for Ode to operate.

Probably Ode’s performance was overshadowed by the game results and Jesus’ outstanding display.
Would people care if we did not win the first two games? I believe so.

I stated again that, we will see the importance of a captain when things are not right, situations are tough.

Can we forgive him for not taking that shot now?


Captains performance from Ode…amirite @Trion ?


Steals goals from teammates

Ghanta Captain

Someone has been told to shoot more…:rofl:

Love how he stole the shot from Jesus.
He has a good shot, he needs to use it more.


Two different games, 2 different situations

Great game this one, shit passive last game

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Welcome to the new season MO.

It was a bad touch from Jesus so rightfully stolen by Øde. Anyway he’s the captain he can do what he wants.

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I mean he scored two goals but he’s just not shouty enough to be a captain. We should sell him asap.

Exactly. This is what we wanted from him, much better shooting intent

Delighted he got the goals. I want to see better numbers from our captain this season and he’s started very well.

Also love the (c) in the title :grin: very subtle @shamrockgooner. We’ve copyrighted him. Property of OA.


Much more to a captain’s duties than scoring goals against lowly opponents.


Xhaka would have blamed Jesus for a poor touch in the box.

Ødey congratulates his comrade for a perfect layoff.




It was only 3 years ago they were having a raffle to decide the captain under Emery.
A shouty Adams-type skipper is needed when you don’t have a team of captains, luckily we’re stacked with them now.


He got a good game though

Our parched captain

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