Martin Ødegaard (c) (8)


Looks like we are replacing the Ö with the Ø lads


I’d take him on loan, if it means we get Buendia in the summer

On one hand, I don’t want ESR’s rise and developelent to get broken now… but he can still play on the LW.
On the other hand, Odegaard is a serious, top talent, still quite young. We’re not in a position to choose whoever we want… If there’s any chance to get this guy we should take it with both hands.

And I also seriously hope they’re discussing a permament real here.

If there’s any truth in this rumour obviosuly.

Why do you want some championship midfielder over him?


Cheeky bastard has the famous #10 up for grabs if he joins us on loan lol

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Much rather just have Odegaard than have him as a stop gap for Buendia.

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We don’t even know how Odegaard is gonna do in the premier league :joy::joy:

Odegaard not this again.


Sky Sports. Shit source. Not gonne happen if they say it.


Probably get more than 1 goal in a season.

Well Buendia did sweet fuck all for Norwich. I still have no idea why people want him lol what’s he done apart from top some twitter nerd expected chances created stats

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Smells like a rubbish rumor.

Real won’t sell him to us at a fee we can afford. It will be a loan deal if anything and I bet he views Sociedad as the better temporary destination since he is already comfortable there and would have more guarantee of starting matches.

Who is Buendia again?

Sorry @Josh, but seriously, how can you rate some Norwich player, barely anyone wants, over a world class talent like Odegaard?

Who do we suggest we get then?

You are in his thread

Sky Sports News’ Dharmesh Sheth on the Transfer Show:

"You’ll remember last month said the January window would be all about two halves - the first would be trying to offload players on loan to cut the wage bill, reduce the size of the squad.

"Then if they could get enough off the wage bill, maybe in the second half they could concentrate on an opening.

“Edu, the technical director, has said they would focus on the attacking midfield area. It looks like Real Madrid will grant his wish for Odegaard to leave on loan.”

How reliable is Dharmesh Sheth?

You really think we’ll get Odegaard permanently? Interesting

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You said this before sky broke a rumour and we eventually ended up signing him :rofl: can’t remember who it was but it was recent

Never know. Him for 6 months and we go again in the summer for someone different if we can’t

Not some overhyped championship midfielder

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