Manchester United

Kane or no Kane, they’re only challenging if City drop their level.

They were 46 behind City in goal difference, that’s a more accurate reflection of the gap between the sides than the 14 points.


ETH has done well enough in his first season, but they haven’t been impressive in the way they play. I’d much rather be in our position than theirs as our squad has a much higher ceiling than theirs. Of course, that can change in one summer.

Man Utd now have a competent manager at the helm but they need to get a few things right this summer if they are to challenge, and adding Kane won’t be enough. Challenging City, in this Premier League, means doing what we did this season which was to just keep winning games for most of the season and beating most of your top 4/6 rivals.

Going back to ETH, he has another big test coming up. If he can win the FA Cup, that would be a huge achievement cause they’ve actually played half decent teams in the quarters and semis unlike the League cup. Also, he would have stopped City from doing the treble. Let’s see how they do.

Well it’s not how his Ajax teams played.

It takes time and proper personnel to play his Ajax style.

Can’t do it in one season.

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Haven’t been impressed with United.

This prat thinks nobody is able to remember further back than just one transfer window :joy: :joy: :joy:

What a shameless wanker


Never trust bald people. Balding men are a sign from god that we must be aware of their fraudulence.


Dude qualified for CL by playing Weghorst since January, that’s like playing 10vs11

If anything he is a genius x4

He’s a shameless wanker because he outspent every side bar Chelsea last season but he wants to play poverty because his January spend was lower than other teams. It’s embarrassing.



Fuck me, thats some godawful 2008 memeing right there.

Anyone mentions ten Hag in a less than glowing light and its like someone activated your fucking bat signal.

Like you actually get upset when Arsenal fans slate the Manchester United manager :joy:

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I am very upset :joy:

Btw, he handpicked Weghorst. They pretty much had to make Burnley recall him from whatever shithole he was playing on loan at, which meant Burnley had to pay a fee, which Man Utd had to cover on top of whatever else they paid to loan him.

@JakeyBoy is not wrong. Erik can’t play the broke boy gimmick. Dude had the biggest backing a new manager had I’ve personally seen.

They were prepared to pay big for FdJ last summer but he rejected them. He instead got a 5-time CL winner in Casemiro. They were prepared to pay for Timber but he also rejected them so they got his other boy in Lisandro, and paid quite the fee for him. He wanted Antony, Ajax had zero interest in selling him but he was adamant they got him so they ended up spending 100m on him. He’s responsible for making Ajax richer by 150m last summer, and he wasn’t even their manager anymore.

Fair play having a good first season, that could turn out great if they win the FA Cup, but let’s not act like they’re some massive underdogs.


I hope the sale falls through for whatever reason, that Antony signing has the potential to break him because he pushed and pushed to sign what looks like no more than a midtable player for almost £90m


Let’s see how long United stick with this notion. They’ll spend huge this summer. Reckon they could bite on Neymar if he became available. Kane would be huge money but a smart signing. Ohismen might be available and they will probably bid for Rice.

250m summer incoming.

Erik should stop making stupid statements like this. They spent £230 million in the summer. I thought he was more than a cheque book manager.


Its kinda like when he started with the injury schtick…when we had key members of our squad out injured and our main striker has been out for months.

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I thought he was better than that tbh, but he’s got the bitch moves too.


The two guys in this photo cost more than most of our transfer spending last summer didn’t they? :trossard:

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Lololol. Make it happen.

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That’s wild. Hopefully got weighed in by his fellow fans.