Manchester United

After three average years, it’ll be interesting to see if they bounce back next season under Mourinho, or still underachieve. Hopefully the latter :slight_smile:

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Manc scum.


Cunt of a club, with a cunt of a manager.


That’s what makes it fun :wink:

United having the best window by far.

Crazy. They will have to come up with £100m for sure.

Was a crime from Ferguson letting him go.

If they do land Pogba they will win the League.

Why even bother turning up when this cunty team can just buy everyone and the likeable teams are dithering over 2.5m centre backs and selling their best strikers.


They wont be as open at the back this season thats for sure. Mourhino will sort that defence out

Ibrahimovic and Mourinho are going to fucking humiliate us next season.

We don’t stand a chance as per, now that Mou-mou is back in the league and Ibra is such a monster.

Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck my life

I am not that convinced by Pogba. He’s a very good player, but he is yet to become a leader.

Incoming ManU are cunts news

ManU gave the 9 to Ibrahimovic without asking Martial.

So what?

Nothing big just that they’re cunts.

That is of course true and i in no way dispute it. :slight_smile:

Yeah they are so fucking lame. Martial was their best player so they rushed to give him the 9 shirt, now that they’ve actually signed an established player they rush to take it away from him like he’s just some youth guy in their ranks. Fuckers.

Quelle surprise a club like them have no morals. That’s why they’re one of the richest clubs in the World.

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You’d be a bit miffed if you were Martial most likely.

It’s like you come back from holiday and your boss has given your nice, corner office with a view to the new employee Steve without asking you, because he strolled in on his first day and said he wanted it. Your personal effects have been shoved in a box and you’ve been told to go and find yourself a cubicle somewhere in the pit.

Its really nothing like that at all.