Manchester United

15-16 the Leicester title winning season. :man_facepalming:

Man Utd, Newcastle, Arsenal and City are my top 4 candidates for next season. Chelsea or Liverpool might creep in depending on their summer business.

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I wouldn’t underestimate Liverpool. They’ve got a much better track record in recent years than all of Arsenal, Man Utd and Newcastle.

I also have a feeling they will not bother with the EL until they find themselves deep into the competition. I see Klopp doing a 19/20 and putting full focus on the league.


Newcastle will fall out. Liverpool will be back and in top 3 imo.

United and Chelsea for 4th. Would give United the edge cos they’ll also spend a shit tonne this summer.

Obv hoping we’re in the top 2 again but would expect 4th at worst.

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I’m not sure about Liverpool because they still rely on Salah a lot and I’m not sure how interested Klopp is without CL football.

Chelsea are in a mess with a clueless interfering owner so no matter how much they spend, they’re going to struggle to keep up.

Apart from Man City, it’ll probably be Man U, Newcastle and us.

Man U will spend big and if they get Kane, he’s going to start scoring straight away and ETH has the experience to get them a CL place.

Newcastle were very strong defensively this season and scored plenty of goals but drew nearly more games than any other team.
So with a few decent signings they could turn those draws into wins and keep their top four place.

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Way I see it is Newcastle won’t be used to two games a week and dealing with European travel etc. it’s new to half the players and new to Howe too so they’ll have to get used to that.

I also think that despite how well they’ve done this season, Liverpool still ended up right on their tails and I can easily see that gap reversing.

As for Chelsea it can go either way, I wouldn’t be so sure ruling them out. They have a decent core of players and poch is a pretty good manager. He’ll bring something stable and boring and have them in the fight again I feel.

Only one id discount is spurs. Nothing to do with hating them, I think they’re genuinely fucked, even more so if they lose kane.


Coming 3rd behind a doped up City and us is not a bad achievement at all in his first season. With the cacao cup in the pocket. Dealt perfectly well with the virus that’s Ronaldo. Took over a disinterest mess of a team. This man(ager) is poetry

Right on time Forever!


United will be the first to drop out of the top4 next season if Liverpool and Chelsea get their shite together. Their points total is massively inflated. plus 15 goaldifference is LAUGHABLE for a top3 team.

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It’s fair comment. I feel like the nonsense that is the ownership situation messes them up coming into next season though. unless conclusively resolved soon.

I think people are seriously sleeping on Utd here. They only have 3 fewer wins than us, 1 of which was against them.

They barely score goals and they still finished 3rd and may get 2 trophies this season.

If they get Harry Kane, I’m pretty certain they’re gonna challenge for the title. No questions asked.

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What? lol

They also had a win over us, so we could use your logic to argue it should be 5 since really only one team played football that day.

how is that a positive?

How would it be possible :thinking:

Not bad at all. I think he’s doing somewhat what you’d expect.

He took an already good team(finished 2nd and reached EL final in 2020/2021) and brought them back on track after an awful season under Ole and Ralf.

I was personally expecting a better brand of football but my understanding is this how his teams play so we’ll see how that works out long-term. Recent track records don’t favour counter attacking teams in the league, especially in England.

League Cup is a nice bonus and brought the trophy drought to an end after 6-7 years. I do think the Anfield embarrassment overshadowed that and it will be hard to remember that cup win and overlooking what happened shortly after. I reckon most Man Utd fans would sacrifice not winning that cup and save their selves from that historic Anfield loss.

Winning the FA Cup will be a big opportunity for Man Utd to make things right. Not only can they do the cup double, they can they can do it against the best side in the world, their local rivals, and defend their historic treble.


They’re winning a ton of football matches, without an outstanding striker. They had Kane to the mix, they’re challenging for the title, nothing less imo.

Same could be applied about Newcastle. Hell, if he was here the cunt might not be trophyless anymore.


Think its going to take more than a consistent striker to make them challengers tbh. Either united have to adapt a bit to Kane or him to them and while he’d definitely score plenty of goals there it’s unknown if they might lose a bit elsewhere.


Utd with Kane and a few other additions will challenge next season, BUT I don’t think Spurs are going to sell Kane. I can see them hanging onto him and trying to get him to sign a new deal. Even with £100m, Spurs can’t get a striker to replace Kane. Levy may do us a huge favour by refusing to sell Kane this summer, or at the very least, string it out for most of the summer while we go about and get our business done.

If Kane is Utd’s No.1 target, that should give us a free run at Rice.