Manchester United

He may have. If I were the manager, I’d purposely not grant that request :sweat_smile:

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What? He lost the ball. Why is the official account tweeting this?


Mind boggling they decided to put that up. Even some of their own fans taking the piss.

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The Glazers have at least one more kick in the nuts for United supporters. They’re either going to take minority investment and keep the club (which would be especially hilarious) or squeeze every penny out of this sale in a way that really screws up the summer window. Even if they named a preferred bidder tomorrow they’d be about a month behind the Chelsea sale timeline of last summer. It will apparently take at least one month from when a preferred bidder is named to when the sale can be completed so we’re talking late June at the earliest for the new owners to come in and quite likely it won’t happen until sometime in July. The window opens June 10th and right now I don’t see how any agent or other club can have anything more than preliminary talks with United’s footballing directors since nothing concrete can be done while the ownership situation is in limbo and nobody knows who will actually be making decisions for them on the footballing side come July.



I was talking to a Man Utd fan yesterday and he pointed out to me that they’ve actually scored less goals this season than their last one(which was deemed quite awful).

He was having doubts about how much they’ve really progressed under EtH. Their defence has been the real difference maker this season, they’re the team with the most clean sheets. They have had some thrashings though which damaged their GD.

His main concern was whether the team simply performed better this season because Martinez and Casemiro came in, and Varane was actually available for most of the season.

Also, surprisingly he isn’t very keen in them signing Kane and told me he’s not the only Man Utd fan to feel that way.
I honestly thought they’d be over the moon signing Kane.

Their rationale is that Kane is too old now and they will hand him another massive contract, and their track record with high earners isn’t great.

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They’re in a mess with no real direction.
ETH is stuck with a team of very expensive signings, bought by previous managers.

As for Kane they’re probably right because he’ll cost around 80m with massive wages and they could end up in a situation like with Ronaldo so would be better off getting a younger striker.

Martinez and Casemiro clearly made a huge difference, Shaw also had a pretty good season.

ETH benefits from following Ole and Rangnick. Anybody with some semblance of a tactical plan is going to look good in comparison and he basically just constructed a very solid platform in CB/CM that allowed the side to look a lot more organized and to dominate some matches against poor opposition. When that platform wasn’t available they looked shit again and they also generally looked crap against better teams, except when just purely playing on the break and hoping for the best.

I think ETH has done a good job there overall but there is little sign of him being a truly special manager in the Klopp mold and some of his recruitment has been really questionable. I can’t get my head around him being more familiar with Antony than almost anybody else on the planet and choosing to spend 100m on him.


Yeah, I doubt his flaws nust popped up this season. He must’ve seen them before, yet he still wanted Man Utd to sign him desperately, to the point where they’ve spent what they’ve spent.

I brought up that they’ve got the deepest defence line in the PL(worse than the relegation sides, yes) and my friend immediately pointed at DdG. I personally ain’t having that. He isn’t the first keeper to not be so great with the ball. I don’t think that will magically change once they have someone better with the ball.

Good analysis. Similar to my own thoughts on united.

I agree with majority of this, I think United take a step forward next season depending on what happens with the ownership situation. They’re outlook is very good if they manage to get Kane

Eth deserves some credit, League cup and CL football was a huge get in his first season all things considered in a “rebuilding” year

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It’s a pretty sizeable season if they win the FA cup and with it being City too.
They weren’t a shoe in for top 4 this season and made a bad start.
There’s something to be built upon. There recruitment and way they want to play is going too be interesting now.

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They weren’t a shoe in for Top 4 initially but I think once their business was done they were.
They spent the most in the Europe at around £250m, and that’s not to mention the contracts they handed to Antony, Casemiro, Eriksen and Martinez.

I think they did pretty much what you expected. They recovered from the previous season with the mess of Ole and Ralfie, and with the added investment they more or less guaranteed a spot in the Top 4.

I personally had then in my Top 4 from last July. City 1st, Arsenal 2nd, Liverpool 3rd and Man Utd 4th.

Out of Man U, spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool, it’s Man U that are likely to do well next season but only with a good window.

They’re already linked with Mount so with him, a decent striker and a marquee signing like Bellingham, they could be another club challenging for the title.

You can’t be transferred twice in the window, but even if he could, why would Madrid sell him to Utd after they’ve just bought him. :thinking:

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I knew Madrid were talking to him but didn’t realise that had been confirmed,
Perhaps Man U will turn their attention to Mbappe instead. :grinning:

That will only happen if Qatar buy them, which sounds unlikely at the minute.

I do however expect them to spend like they usually do. Talk about them having financial difficulties are nonsense. It’s thr same shit we used to leak and then magically we found a way to spend way over our rumoured “budget”.

Something around ~200m checks out. In fact, I think the majority of the Top 6 will spend something around that, and the ones that don’t won’t spend less, but more.

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When was the last time we both qualified for the CL in the same season?

I feel like it’s been years?


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