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I, for one, love CBS’ weekly coverage of the premier league :joy:

United under Ole, without the benefit of Varane, Casemiro, Antony, Malacia, Martinez…

Had 40 points after 20 games in 2021 season they finished second.

They have 39 points under Ten Hag in 2023, 2 years later with all those additions + Ole squad.

It’s not a miracle to spend £250m and get a team that finished 2nd only 18 months prior back up into the top 4. They had an awful season last year but that was ultimately STILL the same team that finished second.

He’s got a +7 goal difference after 20 games, 39 points. Nothing I’d be raving to anyone about. It’s about what you would expect from this United team given the scale of summer investment.

ETH deserves credit for getting the players back onside and getting them all playing out of their skin but you really need to stop overstating the work he’s done at United. He spent over £250m on a massively expensive squad that had already finished 2nd in the PL literally 12 months before he arrived lol


Let’s be honest, difference is Maguire and Ronaldo not playing.


Not to credit the PE teacher because he was clearly out of his depth, but Man Utd played much more attractive football under Ole, and even somehow broke the longest undefeated away record.

Probably the only one not going overboard on United is Ten Haag himself.
I actually think were the improvements are coming from.

Manchester United would have been in much better shape if they didn’t waste their time going after De Jong for 2-3 months.
They should have been decisive about their targets. Even Eriksen transfer took ages.
Casemiro, Malacia and Martinez are good signings.

There was no need to spend 100m on Anthony when there was a need for a more established winger considering they already have young wingers in Sancho, Rashford and Martial.

Why couldn’t they get someone much more accomplished given their financial might?

I am so glad they fucked up their transfer window, cause I do believe Ten Haag has enough about him to take a good side performing well.


Yeah he’s going to be a success at this stage I think it’s obvious he’s going to be


I wouldn’t waste a second of my life listening to this mushroom brained idiot, he’s just a turd.


Ten Hag

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Tenn Haagg

I thought it was Van Ten Haag

At least keep the double vowels then.

Teen Haag

Teen in Dutch is:

Haag in Dutch is:

Erik Toe Hedge


Exactly :joy:

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Long-ish read

And that’s pretty much the reason why I’ve got no time for Neville’s opinions when it’s to do with anything regarding Arsenal. Carragher actually parks his obvious biases by the door. Gary Neville on the other hand…


Let’s be honest, Arsenal fans are gonna be butthurt whenever the club gets criticised, same for any group of fans really. Yeah, Neville talks heaps of shit and is obviously a biased Manc but I don’t think it requires a complex analysis honing in on really specific points as above to make clear.

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The money involved in the game demands a 24/7 soap opera and the media have to sell this. The game itself and football stats and replays would not generate enough interest now.
There has too be stories and agendas invented especially with social media to draw more talk and interest.
Integrity is out the window but it’s basically just hard selling of the product.
Up to the individual what you invest in on it.


a lot of media just need soundbites, they don’t need facts.
they need discussions but not the answer.

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