Manchester United

5 years ago some of you cunts disrespected a German.

Ronnie never forgets.


There should be some more samples, @Craigie , but I just remember this one clearly :slight_smile:
Old people remember old stuffs, but not the current ones :wenger:

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We really didn’t tho. Some of the top guys played 20 mins or so but we played most of the game, and dominated, with Holding, Tierney, Tomi, Lokonga, Vieira, Nketiah, Turner and Marquinhos. None of those guys are in our first choice 11 lol


Gabriel, Martinelli, Xhaka is his point. Lokonga started at United.
Im reading that as 3 or 4 I think.

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Yeah I did wonder if he meant that but then it doesn’t really back up anything else he was saying in regard to how we played vs what happened in the United game.

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Their wage bill rose to nearly £400m which is frankly a ridiculous sum of money. Their debt has risen by 22% to over £500m too.

Crazy how clubs like Barcelona and United can just keep spunking all this money and still keep going.


Didn’t Barca report profits the other day?

Their stadium needs a face lift too apparently. Gonna be announcing a bunch of new noodle sponsorships soon.

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I like OT. Just not the club that plays there :slight_smile:

i’d rule him out of matches until he leaves tbh.

Hopefully Man City fucking destroy them.


Can see united getting something. Hope so.

Focused on a title charge @Stroller ?

I can’t see us winning the Title so I’d prefer to see sides like United and Chelsea drop as many points as possible.

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Not really. Don’t want them winning it again unless Tottenham were the beneficiary.

Tbh if City don’t win it Spurs and us might be as good a chance as anyone.

I just see City winning it comfortably.

Never. Not this season

Although I think Man U could get something from the game, I want Man City to thrash them because, if they don’t and we lose, then spurs go top of the PL.


But if we win I presume you then want a united win because we pull away from city.