Manchester United

They’ve got a manager who actually coaches them


I think its almost certainly a mirage. He has great technique and dribbling skills but he has always been held back by poor mentality and (somewhat relatedly) lack of off-the-ball movement on the pitch. He just doesn’t make runs. Even when he was having “good seasons” he was statistically one of the most static and least active strikers in the PL. He either drops deep to look for the ball to feet or just hangs out in the pocket of the CB and waits for something to happen. I don’t think a player like that changes at age 26/27.

ETH is really in a tough situation though. Ronaldo probably isn’t fit and starting him after he blew off their pre-season and then left early the one game in which he played would send a terrible message. But the alternatives are Rashford up front or Bruno false nine, not exactly appealing.

not sure if he is gonna make that much of a difference especially in his first season.

Think it’s all the drugs Rio has done over the years left him a bit braindead

He has to say that.
It’s in his contract as an ex Man U player. :grinning:

This was awkward.

If only he had hair to lose.

I really think United have to hit it off pretty quickly under ETH. It’s already awkward and he doesn’t seem like a very headstrong guy. It’s just made even worse by Ronaldo being there and all of the drama and media fanfare that comes along with that.

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“But how did we lose? We arrived 3 hours early!”


Dafuq well done Brighton :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now Erik nine Hag. Still got as many as a cat, but doesn’t look all that promising.


Nostradamus is that you?

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Good start. Cant see Eric Twat Haag surviving until christmas.


even if that is true it is highly unlikely to be you that changes that.

So glad this isn’t us. Losing the opening game, at home, to a mid table team.

United looked under-prepared and ultimately unable to stitch together anything near cohesive enough to reflect what Ten Hag wishes to do


Theyre complaining about Sancho on redcafe lol


I love to see these cunts lose :slight_smile:


I am so ready for another year of United drama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Absolutely this.

Really came over a potential banana skin on Friday night.

We will feel like shit if we drop points against Leicester on Saturday, though, a little like the United fans do today.

6/6 points is a must for us.