Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


UOL in Brazil reporting that Bordeaux are asking for about £44m. A lot more than I expected or I’d feel comfortable paying for Malcom. Definitely feel like there’s safer bets to be made, Fekir for example.


No chance at Fekir though after taking Lacazette, and considering how Aulas is, no?


For big £ I think it could be done. He has to move eventually, he’ll be 25 in July.


For such a big talent, it’s kinda weird how little talk there is of him moving to other clubs.


Im sure it would have happened sooner if not for his acl injury.


Ornstein once again later to already disclosed details.


Spurs :joy:


I’d prefer Mahrez.
Almost every player we have bought from the French League has taken time to adjust and hasn’t always worked out.
Mahrez is experienced in the PL, was Leicester’s best player when they won it and wants to play for us.
We could also get him for around the same price as Malcom.
I don’t trust Wenger in the transfer market.


I’d prefer Malcom.

I think it’s unlikely Mahrez reaches his best levels ever again and I’d question his motivation at this point in his career too.

Malcom on the other hand is young and hungry coming into key development years


The experienced in the PL line literally means nothing. Plenty of players have been successful at one PL club, moved to the next and become an utter failure. It happens all the time. And when you look at the percentage of foreign players who play in the PL you’ll realise it’s a global game and players come from leagues all over the world - some tremendously successful and others not so successful.


We could get both, as we would probably have to replace both Sanchez and Ozil. It would mean switching to a 4-3-3 formation.


Fekir will be 100m plus with every big club in for him


We’ll see, I doubt it.



Why, Lyon get top dollar and Fekir was always better than Lacazette before the injury and he’s even better now. Mbappe just went for what 180m? Fekir isn’t far behind talent wise and everyone in football knows it, everyone will be after him this summer.


John Cross (johncrossmirror)

Wenger on Malcom “he is a good player but we’re not on that case at the moment.

Wenger is far too busy selling players to concentrate on buying any.
He’ll wait until Malcom’s value goes up and then try and buy him, only to be beaten by a richer club.


For fucks sake Arsene


“Yes it’s true, we looked at Malcom, we almost signed him”


“It’s not like he is some player from some small German team we didn’t know about”


He wants to play under Wenger apparently :grimacing: