Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Fuck it. He gets his own thread.


What’s this guy like? Can’t say I’ve followed his career at all


Lol @Bl1nk! You truly couldn’t wait, could you?


It’s the Mill. Not the players section :wink:

But I can’t deny it feels good.


Proper winger. He usually scores amazing goals.


Is it Malcolm or Malcom?


Type of goal he is capable of:




No it’s Malcom :grinning:


I just edited :xhaka:


must be some truth in this because Sanchez in the recent photos looks incredibly happy, i reckon he knows he is going.


If Wenger bought him and does what he usually does with young players, and changes him from a winger to a CM, we can call him Malcom In The Middle :grinning:


apart from he is more likely to play him at fucking wingback if we got him.


Haven’t watched him play really, aside from the cracking goals he scored, does anyone know what he’s like consistently in general play ?


put up a video in the transfer thread shows some really great dribbling and link up play and also looks like he can actually cross reasonably well. I know you cannot judge by a youtube clip, but looks quite good.


I imagine he’ll be underwhelming, like all Arsenal players.


Or if he actually shines, he will have that shine taken from him within a season.




Or join Manchester City :wink:


Or both! coughAlexiscough