Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


We shouldn’t sign anyone so our fans would be happy.


Like clockwork Luca appears lol


Bags of potential. But I just do not believe in us to beat anyone to his signing.


Like clockwork Calum is moaning :xhaka: .

We have to buy players even because the new manager would find it easier to rebuild. Or do you want us to be in total demise?


Luca we just said if he’s as good as been said he won’t be here long lol nothing wrong with some cold hard facts


Hi Luca!

The other day I asked you to stop trying to police other people’s opinions. Unfortunately you chose to ignore this.

As a reminder that other people are allowed to hold less positive views than yourself, you will now have the username “NegativeNigel” until further notice. Please try to avoid policing other people’s opinions, so that I can see that you have learned your lesson and can be entrusted to have your own choice of username rather than one which has to be there to remind you that you are on a forum and might encounter people that have other opinions. :+1:






Tbf he just replied with what I said to him first lol


So Malcom is learning English, Sven Mislintat and Dortmund looked into him last summer… all the pieces are falling into place.

I really need to stop doing this though - getting my hopes up about a player. I don’t even know if the dude is any good. Just like his name! And now I want him! :rofl:

But no doubt Wenger will come out with the “there is no truth in the story” line and squash our dreams once again


I was so hyped when we signed Laca then Wenger happened and he’s ruined him :confused:


Wenger, the special everyday grinch! :arteta:


I think with Laca it’s a bit of a combination of a couple of things, Wenger being Wenger but also you overrating him when we signed him.


Do you want to be Positive Pablo??


Nah 100 percent on Wenger. :wink:


If you want :joy:

Although I don’t police others opinion :wink:


The perfect mirror of Negative Nigel


How come you were no where to be found when ppl were attempting to police my posts?


Must be my impeccable command of the apostrophe.


Calum is really repetitive with what he says, I’m not surprised Luca is fed up with his boring shit. If anything he should be known as Pete the Parrot or something like that.