Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)




Top class moderation there.




Targeting a member you have some sort of vendetta against, and turning a blind eye to everthing else. OA is in good hands.


To be fair, I’ve been meaning to go to the opticians about that eye. Bit of a cheap shot if you ask me.


Lol lemme see here, blind and shit at your job, maybe you shohld rename yourself Mike Dean.


but you are a fucking troll and you are still allowed to post here, i would watch my step if i were you because lots of people have wanted you blocked.


I mean, it’s not a job. And at least you didn’t say Mike Riley.


Dude. Don’t be that guy.


what guy? just saying the truth!


You know the guy. Nobody wants to be that guy.


Think it was clearly a response to Calum’s “like clockwork” comment and can’t see what was wrong with it tbh.


I have no problem with Lepe, despite him having problems with me. Peace&love :wink:


That’s the spirit Nige, you’ll have your old name back by the end of the evening at this rate.


Loops must’ve been waiting ages to scratch that name sabotaging itch. :eyes:


I know he’s a winger, but is there any chance of playing Malcom in the middle?


Very enjoyable thread so far. 7/10.


Seeing his style of play, he would be limited here.


He has a weird name, who would want to buy a shirt with ‘Malcom’ on the back?!