Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


In his mouth



If there’s any manager I trust to coach over shooting out of a player it’s good old Arsene


Another meeting? Get the deal done FFS!


So then we’ll have a player with Townsend lite shot selection not shooting at all. What’s he good at then?


that is a load of shit to be honest, he doesnt seem goalshy at all looking at his skillset and seems to turn defenders inside out a lot with his trickery. If we get him we have to just wait and see how he is. Everyone has an opinion of every footballer but his seems a bit too harsh. Some of the goals he has scored are absolutely top class.


If we do sign him the only issue I’ll have with it is people thinking that he has to come in and replicate the contribution of Sanchez right away, despite the fee I would see this as one for the future with regard to top tier contribution since he’s just so raw and needs polishing.

If he settles and takes to the league like a duck to water then great as he is clearly hugely talented, however, if not quite he should be regarded as a work in progress which is why we should be looking to also sign the likes of Mahrez too.


True. We will be patching a hole, when we really need to rebuild and think over the structure.


This has always been Wenger’s problem.
He has never replaced a top quality outgoing player with one of a similar qualities.
It’s always on the cheap with a player with potential, or an older player who no one else wants.


Yeah, clearly with Sanchez going and possibly Özil too the club will be in a period of transition, potentially losing two world class players is a hammer blow.

Ideally we would sign someone who is on the cusp of being world class like Fekir and someone with the potential to be like Malcom, however, that kind of foresight is beyond Wenger now. But you never know considering the rumours that Mavropanos was signed without his knowledge, which I’m not quite buying but one can hope.


Congratulations, you’ve managed to find the logical flaw in a joke.


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Man… he cost us 50m…
It makes sense to have high expectations…

Because of Wenger or not, I am a bit disappointed on him.

Never heard of this Malcom guy though.