Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Think it’s time we dipped our fingers in this kind of market, we’ll all be ruing it if he moves to Man Utd and becomes peak Ashleh Young.


There was peak Ashley Young?


Imagine the Malcombinations with Özil :star_struck::astonished::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grimacing:



So many faces yet again :thinking:


Lovely sources as usual.


So we offered 90m in the summer, but won’t go over 40m now? What


That £90m summer bid was always beyond outrageous. Even in this inflated climate a player like Lemar is never worth that kind of money.


So we are not getting both :smile:


We’ll probably end up with neither


I think that bid can be filed under the “we tried” category."

These are bids that Wenger supposedly tries to make but in reality knows won’t be accepted but makes him look like he is ambitious in the transfer market.


You actually think Wenger thought that Monaco wouldn’t accept a ludicrous £90m bid for a player who didn’t warrant such a fee?

Wasn’t the bid accepted and he decided not to join?


I think a lot of the bids that we make are because Wenger knows the player won’t leave, or the club won’t sell.
There are too many instances for this not to be true.

How many times are we linked with a world class player in a position that we are desperate for, only to end up with yet another underwhelming player?

The only way Wenger would have bought Lemar is if we got the 70m Man City supposedly offered for Sanchez.
But i don’t think Wenger had any intention of spending 90m on him, just as he was never going to spend 120m on Mbappe.
He is a complete joke in the transfer market.


I think that 90m bid was just a misdirection to show Alexis they couldn’t land a replacement hence couldn’t accept City’s bid.


But what if the bid had been accepted and Lemar did want to come? Are you saying Wenger would turn around and say, “nah, only kidding.”


The bid was tabled too late and Monaco decided that they couldn’t find a suitable alternative because of this. Not sure if anyone is a 100% on his actual motives though. Sounded like he was keen otherwise.


I think he already knew the bid, either wouldn’t be accepted, or he knew Lemar didn’t want to come here.
If this was a one off it might be plausible, but it happens in almost every transfer window.

Wenger and Gazidis talk as if we are going to buy the best, and they understand that we need the best players available to fill the positions we are desperate for, but when has that ever happened?

Wenger has never, and will never, buy a world class player in a position that we need them for.

Ozil and Sanchez are the only two players he has bought that could be considered world class when we bought them but even they were surplus to requirements at Real Madrid and Barcelona, and were bargain buys that, as Wenger said, " were to good to turn down."


“We tried really hard, but we couldn’t find an agreement” :wink:


I’m not saying it wasn’t badly handled or cack-handed, but I just don’t believe that £90m bid was simply for show and Wenger wasn’t actually trying to sign him.

Personally not buying that, but not gonna slate others if they feel otherwise.



Didn’t a bird shit on Ashley Young during a match?