Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


I think he’d sell bloody loads of shirts. It’s a great name - lots of people would want it! Would probably be one of the most popular if we signed him.

@JakeyBoy would be first in the queue


He gets bloody world class on Pro Evolution Soccer


FIFA and FM as well.


Football Manager is the reason I love him, absolutely sensational player on there.

Can’t remember us ever signing one of my FM gods so for that very silly reason I’d be over the moon if we got him haha


The closest we’ve got was a Kim Källström loan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hopefully he can play in the middle so we can make a lot of these jokes.

Also, that show featured pre-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston!


Will he receive work permit?


He reminds me of those PES United players like Jaromtom.


This one is never happening, is it?


Hopefully it doesn’t. The thought of spending the next few years listening the Malcolm in the Middle jokes is painful.


looks to be a damn good player though, hope we can get someone like him.


When he comes he will add something to the team


Yeah, lots of dead end runs down to the byline with no end product.


Bordeaux want 30 for him? Offer them 35. It is how it works these days.


Judge him when he plays.


If they want 30, why would you give 5 more? :laughing:


30 is cheap for him.


Because this is how it works now.


No byline in “the middle” :poldi::arteta::wenger::per::mustafi: