Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


'Came to France with big pressure because they paid £5m for him"

Bitch please :joy::joy::joy:





Guessing Inter


FC Inter Milan. Dunno why but that’s what Football Italia call Inter lol


FC Internazionale Milan(o)


Sometimes we are referred to as AFC, no?


Just say Inter ffs, annoying hashtags


Yeah they typed Bordeaux in full, the cunts.


No fee agreed - should think if anybody wants hims it will be upwards of £40m


10/10 pun. :smirk:


Nainggolan and Malcom makes for good business. Upgrades.


We are tbf. I just don’t see FCIM ever used haha


Is Nainggolan confirmed?


I had to click on the hashtag to work it out lol


Not just yet but I should probably have been clearer that I meant if they both go through it’s definitely been an excellent summer so far for them. Shame they couldn’t tie down Cancelo to a permanent deal and now it looks like Juve will nab him.


And Rafinha I guess will leave after his loan too, right?

This lack of money is such a shame.


They don’t have the money to do that. Read Cancelo is going for about €38 million to Juventus. If they want Radja and Malcom there need to be sacrifices elsewhere.

@Electrifying that’s why they have Radja.


Inter are building a nice team. Perisic and Malcom are gonna be immense on the wings.


Just like Ac Milan did last season :henry2: