Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


It looks like we were really interested so expect us to try again in the summer.

Not sure how he fits into the first team if you’re already trying to squeeze in Auba and Lacazette. One of them (probably Laca) will need to be benched and/or we’ll need a formation change to accommodate Aubameyang, Özil, Mhkitaryan and Malcom (and Wilshere as one of our central midfielders). 4-5-1 that looks like this possibly:

Malcom Özil Mhkitaryan
Wilshere CM


Moley has said before that Sven is a huge fan and is dead set on signing him. Hope this is like the Xhaka transfer where it was the worst kept secret and he was announced the minute the window was open. Just hope he turns out a better player for us than the aforementioned.



Yes, I too hope this is like Wenger’s worst ever signing :giroud::poldi::arteta:


I’m siding with the guy who claimed this is your twitter


Lol, did u read what aspect of Xhakas transfer I said I hoped it was like?? Definitely not the on field part.





Big Sven will make him an offer he can’t refuse


Sven already had a word in his ear.

Malcy is coming


First sign of summer madness :henry2:




Where the fuck is “madness” Sven? :sanchez2:


So was our interest in the winter real? The comment by Heynckes was interesting…

Heynckes playing games–possibly after being given a talking to after admitting their interest days before?–here, or is he just another one of these Brazilians that using all the means possible to try to get himself to a bigger club even if there isn’t that much interest?

Saw that he’s basically saying in the media yesterday, oh hey look, the three clubs that are rumoured to be after me are my dream clubs. Always suspicious of players who are clearly trying to get a move to a club through the media that there’s no actual interest there, but I genuinely can’t figure this one out since Ornstein and others reported us to genuinely be in for him and from his statsbomb radar and stuff he does seem to be a genuine talent.


Even if Bayern aren’t really interested the interest from us and Spurs was seemingly genuine but complicated with him not wanting to jeopardise going to the World Cup.

In our case it looked as if it was either him or Mkhi situation was is just inane because we need a young upcoming attacker that’s great 1v1, not sure why we didn’t sign and loan until end of the season.

I hope really aren’t interested and we sign him but not sure that’s going to happen under Wenger.


We’re getting Dembele now, Malcom is officially surplus to requirements.


who told you that, this is not a fact it is a rumour and a poor one at best.


Welcome to the Dembele shaming party.


Willy Sagnol: "I brought Malcom to Bordeaux from Brazil in January 2016. He came to France with big pressure because we paid 5 million for him. Bordeaux want to sell him in the summer because they want money. He is so fast with amazing technique, and he can still develop" [SB]

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) 28 februari 2018

Quite some stuff around Malcom/Bayern. I thought Sagnol was back at Bayern too? Ribery and Robben are also old. Wouldn’t be suprising at all if it happens.

Edit: he left Bayern after Heyckes was appointed.


IIRC Wenger basically confirmed it.