Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Perisic and Malcom are better than Suso and Bonaventura :hipster:


Sure but everyone and their dog predicted Ac milano to fight Juve for the title after flexing their new chinese WARCHEST. Dont forget the mighty Everton who “won” the transfer market WAR before last season. We all know how that ended up. :henry2:


In hindsight it’s clear to see Milan spent that €200m horribly. Could have definitely used that money wiser but opted to sign quantity over quality.

I think for a lot of fans it just seemed like Milan were spending enough money to be competitive again.


They do have the money to do it, it’s FFP that kills teams like Inter from being more accomplished in the transfer market.


Take a look at their logo. That also says FCIM. It’s really nothing new.


But if you can’t meet FFP regulations you basically not have or make that money and it’s really Suning money.


All but confirmed a Barca player


Lol crazy.

Even crazier he was in our players section for a while (unlisted but still)


So your telling me Barca have signed another one of our players? :wink:


That’s not so crazy because we know is what you’re like :arteta:


Very good news this, for brother Ousmane


I can only see him being signed as a back up at this stage in his career. From Barce’s perspective his wage and fee is comparatively low. Might not be the best career move for him if he doesn’t get playing time.