Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Who wants to make 100m from a sell to Madrid anyway.


Was about to post something similar.

This club is brain dead.


Well surely spurs will have the same issue that he’s not for sale this January?


Everyone is for sale :smiley:


No Malcy :slightly_frowning_face:

ffs if he goes to Spurs and their front 4 is Alli Eriksen Malcom and Kane then… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Tbf he did his job in identifying the talent :wink:. Arsenal isn’t cooperating by wanting him now.


Yeh, fuck thought maybe Gazidis, Sven and Raul had wrestled some power away but mayne not after all :expressionless:



If Spurs get him now… I have no words.


If Wenger doesn’t rate him and he then goes to spurs, then fair enough.

If Wenger does rate him but won’t pay what it takes, and then he goes to spurs, then it will show everyone the complete lack of ambition Wenger and the board have.

It will also show the level of ambition spurs have compared to us and a power shift towards them.


Wenger will rate him in 5 years when he discusses how he almost signed him


I hate life.


You can’t make this stuff up! But then again it’s Arsenal, where nightmares and total f*ckups are real.


Never fancied him anyway


If true, can see this being one we possibly rue later… still think we need to be adding players 18-21 of this calibre to rebuild… disappointing and extra gut punch that it may be Spurs.


Amazing source dude :smile:


He is nothing special.
I would rather bring back Gnabry.


Isn’t that what we were offering :thinking:


Lol yeh i know, this is a regurgitated report that I’ve been reading all morning, when I went to find the tweet I saw this pop up and couldn’t be bothered to find the original one lol.


As I understand it is about that last sentence and not money related really. Arsenal want him now, Spurs could leave him there until the summer.