Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Eden Hazard all over again


Thats about 120 million saved in 2 windows on him and Lemar then.:wink:


No doubt if we wait till the summer there will be bigger clubs in the running and we’ll be back of the queue once again.


Problem is clubs like Liverpool are joining the bigger clubs as more attractive than us and have and pay the going rate.


Always the least likely of the 3, disappointing to miss out on him nonetheless


Would have been nice building block for next manager. Whoever that is is going to inherit a bunch of expiring contracts and some players on the wrong side of 30.


I bet Wenger was sweating thinking he was going to have to splash some cash :grinning:
Back to the bargain basement for him so he can rummage through some players that no one else wants.


Guess Wenger doesn’t want to start a bidding war after Bordeaux president comments. He’s not that type of manager.


Disappointing to lose out on this. We need to bring in a player just like him to compliment the addition of creative players.


We really need to complete the deal with him joining in the summer, he clearly wants to come and they simply don’t want to lose him right now.

Just feels like Wenger wants to sign players for the here and now and fuck the next manager coming in, you would have thought that at the least he wasn’t into pulling a Fergie and leaving a shambles of a squad for the next guy but why am I not surprised.


Called it.

I hope we can have some agreement in place for the summer, but Alexis is an example that those things mean jack shit.


Imagine if we allow this to happen


Spurs heavy favourites for him.

Buy him now and have him loaned back to Bordeaux till the end of the season and he joins us in June.


I’m also reading they don’t want to do a deal this winter (Bordeaux/Malcom) and want to keep him until the summer. That is fair enough imo. If Spurs does give him that so be it


I don’t get this “inexperienced” thing. At 20, he is not going to be the finished product but why is that a problem? He has made a lot of senior appearances and he clearly has talent.

I find it difficult to believe that is the reason we’ve pulled back from signing him.


This will bite us in the bottom won’t it?


Such a stupid club.


Watch him go and kill it for Tottenham now lol.


“We were after him and scouted him, but…” finish the sentence :ozil2:


So much for Svengali being our saviour.