Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Would like to see Chambers under another manager. He looked good when he first played for us.


Malcom or a player of a similar age should really be the priority.


Overall Holding hasn’t done more than Chambers did tbh, they both were signed performed admirably at first then the good performances dried up which is indicative of the almost non-existent defensive set up and lack of quality coaching available.

There was a reason Chambers was called up to the England squad, be performed well in the CL and the league. Can’t call that luck.

Anyhow I hope this potential Malcom deal is not hinging on whether we sign PEA, we need a young talent such as him for sure.


Yes but I think Holding has a higher level in him. And I don’t think he was particularly good when he first played. He was dropped for Bellerin and didn’t start again for five months.


Ironically I’m similar to Wenger.
I’m consistent, persistant, stubborn and, like you say, relentless :grinning:
The main difference between him and me is that he thinks everything at the club is fine and I don’t.



Liverpool doesn’t make sense in terms of playing time, that attacking line is cemented.


No chance. They are enough upfront. Bordeaux just asking us more money.



If we need an overhaul but not spending… I want to see Chambers, Mustafi and Holding to start (3 back) and they rotate if playing 4 back.

They deserve a run of games, getting experience and then we judge afterwards.


Yeah why not the season is all but fucked anyway.


I would give Kos half a season to get full recovery and start Chambers, Mustafi and Holding.
Ocassionally chip in Per.


Starting today he is, you’d think that means any deal isn’t very close.


Quality team player and explosive as fuck


If this doesn’t say we should sign him, i don’t know what does


Apparently Bordeaux’s manager is about to get sacked.


Malcom jokes with girls, Alexis jokes with dogs, we’ve upgraded


Wenger told him to behave in this way to force the move :henry2:


This one looks dead for now


So, some other club will pay more for him in the summer, then?:smirk:


Yeah we won’t get him now then, he will either stagnate and remain in France or keep improving and we will get beaten out by a more attractive club.