Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Do spurs have a tendency to buy youth players for copious amounts of dough? I think it’s bull shit but I’m mostly annoyed that we haven’t wrapped the deal up ourselves.


Happy to pay ninety fucking million for Lemar last summer but apparently got a problem with paying forty million for Malcom now. GTFOH


The Lemar thread would have been mad right now if we ended up signing him for 90m :joy:

So glad that didn’t happen.


If spurs buy him for 40m, that means they will have a net spend of 40m and they are paying for a new stadium.

We have sold around 100m worth of players in this window, and haven’t bought anyone yet, and we have built a new stadium so we could afford players like this.

What’s going on.
What’s our club doing, apart from making a profit in every transfer window?


Hey Svengali just points the finger in the right direction.

That chorizo boy Sanllehi that probably fucked it up :bellerin:


Again the stadium dig.

Why are you so boring?


It was part of a whole post.
You defending the way the club behaves is also boring.


We can afford him, but we can’t start Mkki, PEA, Laca, Ozil and Malcolm and Malcolm is seen as the least reliable right now. We also aren’t buying this kid to put him on the bench, something he himself might not agree to.

I don’t agree with the stance because we should be investing in the future but it’s essentially a choice between Mikky and Malcolm.


Maybe there’s been movement on Lemar and the club have decided to make him the target in the summer.


Wenger fucking up again. Stupid old man



Tottenham are increasingly confident of winning the race to sign Bordeaux forward Malcom this month, according to Press Association Sport.

The report suggests Malcom, who has already scored seven goals in Ligue 1 this term, is keen to secure a Premier League move and wants to play in the Champions League. But a deal is being discussed that would loan the 20-year-old back to Bordeaux, who are fighting relegation and reluctant to lose a key player mid-season.

It is understood Malcom is happy to see the campaign out with his current team. Bordeaux brought the then 18-year-old to Europe from Corinthians only two years ago.

Very reliable source :confused: looks like this one is happening.


I’d take Mahrez over this dude… all day every day…

Why aren’t we in for Mahrez?


It’s too obvious.
Wenger doesn’t do the obvious.


At least Spurs won’t be getting their hands on him… not yet anyway


I wouldn’t hire that guy if that’s what he asked & responded.

Is he really so fickle?


This is a nice article on Malcom. Walks you through his life and career with comments from his mates. He definitely sounds mature for his age and not at all “inexperienced”


This guy seemed to disappear off the face of the earth in last 2 weeks


He says he almost became an Arsenal player but Bordeaux insisted we loan him back for the rest of the season. Seems we’ll be back for him in the summer.


Move Welbeck on in the summer and bring in Malcolm. Along with Xhaka (unlikely) and Mustafi (even more unlikely). Squad’s going to be virtually unregnisable from say two summers ago, well it would be if Sven keeps wielding the axe


Probably don’t need to move Mustafi to add a centre back anyway. Mertesacker is retiring and I assume out of the three young centre backs at least one is going to be loaned out.