Lucas Torreira

Wow, Torreira must be proper shit.

Except we know he isn’t or at least wasn’t for Fiorentina. He was their player of the month once or twice there.

I think this is really all down to Rocco Commisso feeling aggrieved over being taken to the cleaners a few too many times by agents.

I think that shows a real lack of class from Fiorentina…that was pretty much the fee for Torreira that they said they couldn’t afford…obviously just trying to low ball us

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Plus the wages hes on do u think Dodo is gonna be on like 100k a week?

I don’t get how he was their best player yet they couldn’t cough a couple of million more to get him on a permanent. The fans loved him too it seemed.

Judging from what was said and reported the door is now closed as well.

That’s why I said it’s all down to Commisso. He got messed around by Dusan’s agent and even before that got messed around by Chiesa’s agent.

The fee was already agreed between Arsenal and Fiorentina but Torreira’s agent might have asked for a higher wage or a signing on fee which led to Fiorentina asking Arsenal to lower the transfer fee. Commisso is kind of a loon in my book, so it’s not super surprising. He’s not as wacky as AdL but he’s up there.


Torreira redemption arc


I’d be ok with that

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Don’t tell @Stroller that

We could have our DM :grimacing:

You do have laugh at how Torreira and Bellerin completly whore themselves out to the club they’re on loan too and then at the end of the season said club is like, nah bro you’re alright thanks.

It’s like unless they could take them for free they just aren’t interested. Wish we had players who could play it cool


I’m sure those clubs would want both players from a talent pov, it’s the money that’s the issue. We already know about Fiorentina’s owner being a wacko. And if Bellerin is willing to forgo his wages and we recoup 10m or something from Betis, that’s a win in my book. I don’t begrudge Bellerin at all. We overplayed him, he committed himself to the club when had other opportunities and had an injury which capped his ceiling. Nobody could have known that was going to happen.

Fair enough the wages are difficult but the onus is on the player to take a reduction if he wants the move bad enough.

Hell Arteta took a wage reduction to come from Everton to Arsenal because he knew what the move meant to him.

As for the transfer fees it really not big sums we are talking about, a lot of it just seems like the buying clubs wanting to have their cake and eat it. We really need to start pushing for the obligations to buy rather than option.

Though hopefully we’re moving into an era where we have less wasters at the club and we will actually want to keep our players in the squad.


Yeah and it sounded like Bellerin was willing to do that.

The issue is that we’re trying to move guys who have been completely iced out for one reason or another at a time when finances have collapsed in Europe.

Why the club allowed Torreira to go on loan to Atletico is such a mystery. He was finished here the minute we signed Partey.

I agree. These days I try not to hold it against a player for sitting out their generous contract, after all, the club offered them that deal in the first place, they can’t complain about having to honour that contract and pay the player their wages if they later decide they don’t want the player in their squad after all.

But what the player in question can’t do is decide that they are unwilling to take the financial hit whilst still bitching and moaning about not being able to secure a transfer to a specific club or league that they want to play for/in. Well, they can, but they’ll look like a bit of a cunt.

If you’re that unhappy in a particular country or club and want to move to a different one, take the financial hit and accept a lower wage. He could cut his wages by 50% to go to Fiorentina and still be a wealthy man who can secure his own future and that of his kids too, he just wouldn’t be quite as wealthy a man as if he’d stayed at Arsenal. If he wants to be that extra wealthy man and that means staying at Arsenal til his contract is up, then fine, but you made your choice, so shut the fuck up about your happiness and wanting out.


The Fiorentina situation is a real oddity to me because it seems like it’s the buying club that’s trying to get one over on Arsenal, not necessarily the player. I don’t blame Torriera for that situation. Fiorentina knew exactly what he was making and exactly what it would take to make the deal permanent and agreed to that clause.

Might need him now depending on the Partey thing. I’ve always wondered why the club cant make some use of these doods they’ve got on the books who go away on loan and look good. Been a major failing of the cutrent regime to not be able to take a half way decent player like Torreira and make him look competent.

Should be like shooting fish in barrel to get 15m for a dood like him. Lolpool do it consistently. The key is acting like the player is useful as opposed to the normal approach we take and treat them like they have leprosy or some shit.


Yeah the upside of signing players of Torreira profile is they’re supposed to be quite safe bets when you wish to move them on. Obviously covid happened and that’s caused massive damage to European football clubs but if you don’t attempt to utilise the player when you have him just because you want to sell him then that’s a big failing.

Torreira is more than capable of giving us a very solid option as a backup DM and would have been a much better deputy for Partey than Elneny, Xhaka and Lokonga.

I’d like to see him reintegrated in the lineup if we don’t get an acceptable offer for him and not just shunned for the entire season in favour of lesser options.


Even tho he’s acted like a bit of a baby youd think if u sat down with the dood and said, “look we’ve tried to sell you to a place you’d like to play but it hasn’t worked out. You signed a contract with us and we need you. Play hard and we will find u a move asap but we need you right now.” That should be the long and short of it getting the player back in the fold tbh.