Lucas Torreira

Lucas Sebastián Torreira Di Pascua
Lucas Torreira

Born: 11 February 1996, Fray Bentos, Uruguay
Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Nationality: Uruguayan :uruguay:
Current teams: Sampdoria, Uruguay National Team


He’s gone and done it.

No announcement yet…

This better not backfire. Holding Bl1nk solely responsible if this deal collapses.

Nobody fails medicals… right?

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Its comin’ 'ome

Welcome Lucas :sunglasses:

Best CM in the league next season.

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111th of February. What a special day.

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Continuing the discussion from Lucas Torreira (signed, closed):



Is it official? Ban @Bl1nk if it doesn’t happen.

Apart when you open a fucking thread :wink:

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For fucks sake @Bl1nk, you’ve waited all this time, why not just wait for it to be fucking official?!

On a side note, me and LT share a birthday :smile:


Born in Fray Bentos.

I like him at least 3.14 times as much now.


Hopefully this solves our ever lasting DM problems.

Congratz ! Enjoy the day ! Hopefully the double signing will come as a nice present for u guys.

NSFW /MI5TC/status/1016216786042343424


Was he really born in Fray Bentos?

Does that mean we can call him CCB?
Corn beef boy.

@Electrifying I’ve edited your post. An NSFW warning only works if someone then has the opportunity not to click on a link or press play in a video lol. You wrote NSFW but by that point a photo of a man’s bollocks and anus have already loaded up on people’s screens ffs :laughing:


Fair enough mate hahaha

All hail king David!

Kind of refreshing we are signing players in advance.