Lucas Torreira

A lot of the signings Wenger made in his last few seasons were bizarre and it’s his lack of any coherent transfer strategy that has seen us fall out of the CL.
We sold all our best player to rival clubs, while they used us as a dumping ground for their dross.

Wenger would regularly ignore positions we were weak in, like when we were desperate for a top quality striker he stockpiled mediocre ones like Chamakh, Park, Gervinho, Sanogo, Welbeck, etc, or when he paid a club record fee for a striker on Perez who never started a game.

He could have got good money from Man City for Sanchez but because he dithered, had to swap him with Mkhitayran who was useless.

Along with Torreira there have been other strange signings like Willian, Saliba, Mari, Runarssen and Pepe who, with wages, have cost the club around 200m, while giving nothing back.

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SS reference on a German player. Involuntary stereotyping here mate.


Do you know that means second striker?

It was a joke. Referencing the war.

Very concerning that this might need explaining to any adult haha


Did sod all else for the remaining 89 mins that’s why.

Wonder of a left peg and a likeable guy but barring a pelter or decent cross his games were often quiet isolated out wide.

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Podolski is different because there was so much hype when he first burst onto the scene but then the Bayern move stalled him for several years and he was never shone outside Koln. Partly because he could afford to have off games but it’s harder in bigger clubs.

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Probably his personality but I really like/liked Podolski, even if he didn’t amount to much for us.


He’s now the kebab king of Cologne if anyone goes there you should try his shop

Pleasantly surprisingly , he still hasn’t retired and is now is playing in the Polish top division now :joy: :joy:.


One of the very very few ex Gunners I still follow on Twitter. I am a Podolski mark for sure!

I want to play for Arsenal, doesn’t mean it’s an option. He’s purposely devaluing himself as an asset.

One of my most hated arsenal players ever. Such a fucking crybaby pussy ass bitch with T Rex arms and hobit legs. Get the fak out

That hip movement tho?

Found @Stroller’s burner account


My work is done here.


Yeh but did you know that Hugo Boss made some of the SS uniforms. Mother fuckers knew fashion

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This guy only gets linked with broke ass clubs. :sob: