Lucas Torreira

Definitely referring to fiorentina being cunts here, really doesn’t sound like he’s done anything wrong tbh


Karma really. He screwed us over and its happened to him now. Sweet.

Fair enough…wasn’t sure on the translation so that makes sense. I was aware about the transfer fee, but didn’t realise that they wanted to lower the wages too…that’s pretty poor tbh!

I’m waiting for my apology.


Classic Big Weng :grin:

Yes classic sensibility from me I wholeheartedly agree :heart::heart:

You may be waiting for a while…maybe you should actually read what I said

Well it would be if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re losing out as well and we’ll have to pay his salary for a year just for him to join them on a free next season lol


Interesting scenario for him this now though in a world cup year. Especially one before Christmas.

How anyone reads that statement and thinks he’s taking a dig at Arsenal is beyond me. It’s clearly blaming Fiorentina (or more likely Uncle Rocco) for fucking things up.

Honestly, you’d think with the way people talk about a guy who hasn’t played for the club in two years that he was on the pitch telling the fans to fuck off.


Linked with Galata.

Good riddance.

Friendly reminder that we started shopping him around 2 years ago and his preferred destination was Italy. We finally got him a move to back Italy on a permanent, I believe it was with Torino but could be wrong, and the twat blocked the move because Cholo told him to go join Atleti.

Another player who is somewhat proven and has a cheap price tag on him but we barely heard of any real interest coming his way. A top performer for Fiorentina apparently but they didn’t cough up the money we asked.

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From the beginning they told me that I had no place

Bitch, you were the one constantly looking to move out

It’s funny when you think about some of transfer deals we did over the last few years which turned into a strange affair due to one reason or the other in the end.


Torreira, Perez, Park etc

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Torreira takes the cake for most frustrating. We’ve tried to shift the asshat for two years upon his own request then he wants to pick and choose what club he wants to go to!?!?? :laca:

And I actually liked him as a player.


How dare he want to play for clubs he wants to play for, the twat


And for clubs who actually want him. Can’t expect him to want to stay here when we’ve told him he has no place.

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Know it’s a long time ago, but I’m still confused about the whole Podolski situation.

11 goals 10 assists in 33 games in his debut season, averaging a g/a every 95 minutes.

For some reason next season gets his minutes cut, but still gets 8 goals 4 assists in 20 games, averaging a g/a every 97 minutes

Then we sold him for peanuts, £10m less than we bought him for, ludicrous!
Couldn’t understand Wenger’s obvious bias against him

(All PL stats)


My feeling about Podolski was that he wasn’t a winger and he wasn’t a striker who could play alone up top.

His dribbling, passing etc. weren’t great either.

He was essentially a SS with good numbers of goals in him but who needed the attack built around him, which didn’t work in the 4-3-3 Wenger wanted to play.