Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Doesn’t look like a top player to me.


How much have you seen of him?

And even if it was the case only having just turned 22 it’s not a problem at all, his base level right now is very good and there’s plenty of room for growth for such a versatile player.


@Titou14 where tf are you?!?!?!?!


So, if our recruitment is done, then I assume they believe Ramsey is staying?

And how young is this “younger player for the future”? Are the likes of 22-years-old Lozano and Söyüncü too old to be classed as for the future?


Someone should tell Barcelona to start wooing their own youth. :smirk:

Or should that be BVB now? :thinking:


I wouldn’t think they assume that just yet. Very dangerous to assume anything with 1yr left on his deal unless it’s signed and sealed. If it is signed why hasn’t it been announced? I don’t think there is an agreement yet

What about Ramsey’s market too, is there any active interest? I’ve seen zero rumours linking him away.

Quite possible Ramsey will wait things out till Jan and beyond. Would be the smart move tbh. If the club is competitive maybe he signs, if not he tests the market as a free agent


Isn’t it so refreshing to get our business done before proper pre-season. Torreira I thought did pretty well in all the games he played. Especially the Portugal game. His distribution looks good and he breaks up the play.


Hope to announce him on monday. Would be a great start to the week.


I’m starting to tire of these memes a bit but ffs that coffee one got me good for some reason. It’s not even good. :joy:


Literally stopped reading here


I think there will be a marquee signing.
With a new manager, every top club gets a big signing.
We’ve been linked with several top players so I can’t see Torreira being our biggest transfer in this window.
We’re not that poor that Emery isn’t allowed to dip into the famous 200m war chest we are told is there to buy the best players.


That doesn’t depend on us, but on who(whom?) available. Plus Aubameyang under a manager that isn’t Wenger is almost like a new signing.


I agree, I think there will be a marquee signing…In terms of players coming in I think Torreira will be our last, but if we end up selling anyone I think we will then seek a replacement…plenty of candidates…


Ospina and Jenkinson sales to boost fund for a replacement player…




Huh? Translate


He’s coming and didn’t want to the medical during the World Cup. Also that it’s not coming home.


WTF ?!?!?!? You can’t speak Uruguayan?

He’s definately going to have to get those ears of his pegged back…going to slow him down otherwise


No football brain. Cancel the deal.


If he said this he’s dead to me.


A winger would have been nice with Ozil and Mkhitaryan having their 30th birthday both this season.